Lighting is one of the key technical elements in creating pictures. Therefore its a highly important part of capturing great wedding photographs.

The Best Photos Are Taken At Golden Hour And Sunset

I encourage my clients to prioritise their bridal party portrait time when planning their wedding timeline so that we can take full advantage of the best light of the day, golden hour, the hour(ish) before sunset when the light is soft and beautiful (and golden) and creates amazing pictures.

You can calculate when golden hour is on your wedding day by simply typing Sunset + Wedding Location + Wedding Date (ie. Sunset Sydney 30 September 2019) into Google Search for the result.

Taking Into Account Daylight Savings For Your Wedding Photos

In Sydney we are fortunate to have Daylight Savings during the summer months so it can be daylight still at 8-8.30 in the evening, the optimum time to be out taking photos as sunset moves into that beautiful blue light at dusk. While your reception will have started well before, always make sure you allow for a little bit of time for an intimate couples portrait session to make the most of the gorgeous light – it will be well worth it!

Finding The Beauty Of Natural Light In All Seasons

Each season of the year has its own unique characteristics but you will need to allow for the sun to set much earlier, around 5pm in many locations outside of Daylight Savings. Its important to factor this in when planning your ceremony start time with your celebrant – you don’t want to have your ceremony too late so you miss the best part of the light.

Creating A Timeline For Your Wedding Portraits Early In The Planning

After booking me as your wedding photographer, we will work through creating a rough timeline for your wedding date, taking into account the sunset time and I will make recommendations for the start time of your ceremony as well as the best options for the time for the portrait session.

‘Golden Hour’ Summer Weddings

During Summer the sun is higher in the sky and much brighter during the middle of the day. It’s a great idea to have your ceremony later in the afternoon, starting around 4pm, when the light isn’t so harsh and bright.

Outdoor ceremonies in that Summer midday sun can be extremely hot and uncomfortable, causing yourselves and your guests to squint throughout the ceremony and family portraits. For the family portraits I will always be looking for a shady spot as my first option, but sometimes there just isn’t shade so this is where having that later ceremony is highly beneficial.

‘Golden Hour’ Winter Weddings

Winter weddings have beautiful soft light usually throughout most of the day as the sun isn’t as high in the sky. However the daylight hours are much shorter and the sunsets earlier. Winter ceremonies are usually earlier, starting around 2pm, so that we have beautiful light available for our portrait session.

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