Every wedding is unique and special in its own way, as is every couple. For me, wedding photography is about capturing each couple’s unique love story through mixing the photojournalistic style with natural romantic portraits.

As a full-time photographer with 8 years of experience, I’ve witnessed and captured hundreds of couples tie the knot, and that comes with gaining some wedding-insider knowledge.  Planning a wedding can be stressful, so I’d like to share some bridal expert tips and inspiration to help take the stress out of planning your wedding.

Planning tips for your wedding photography – everything from should you have an engagement session, learn about the different styles of wedding photography, what you need to look for in a wedding photographer, how to create a wedding day timeline and a spotlight on the best wedding venues in Sydney & Brisbane.

Let us see what we could create together if I was your wedding photographer!


Candid Natural Wedding Photography Sydney | Sydney Wedding Photographer | Deb Boots

Wedding Planning Tips

Here are some helpful tips for planning out each part of the wedding day – from getting ready, the ceremony, family portraits, bridal portraits and the reception. As well as our guide to help plan your wedding day timeline amongst some other good resources.

Candid Natural Wedding Photography Sydney | Sydney Wedding Photographer | Deb Boots

Frequently Asked Questions

• Where are you based?

Im a Sydney based photographer but I regularly travel through country NSW up to Brisbane. I started my business in Brisbane in 2010 and in 2017 relocated back to Sydney where I grew up so that has me traveling the country, which I love! I’ll travel basically anywhere to capture a good love story!

• How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

My style focuses on natural candid photos with some romantic portraits. I love colourful, heartfelt and meaningful moments. More than anything, I want your photos to capture the day as it really happened.

• We're not into those posey kind of photos?

That's great because neither am I. I do have tricks up my sleeve which help make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I am happy to provide some helpful direction too as most of my couples are not use to be photographed, just to guide you with how to stand, where to place hands, how to hold the bouquet, ensure you are in the best light and location and so on, but it's all approached very naturally.

• How much time do we need for photos on the wedding day?

You have this special day once, so don’t try to squash your photos into a short amount of time - that just leads to rushing photos and we don’t achieve natural expressions. Plus usually means we resort to posing photos! Generally I recommend 9-10 hours of coverage on your wedding day. That covers the two of you getting ready, ceremony, family portraits, wedding party photo shoot, couples session and around 3 hours at the reception with all the formalities covered as well as some dance floor action. Get The Wedding Timeline Guide
at > Learn More > Wedding Day Timeline

• What time should we have our ceremony?

The ceremony start time should be 2.5-3 hours before sunset to allow for the following formalities :
ceremony : 30 minutes ( or 45-60 minutes for a traditional church service )
congrats & mingling : 15-30 minutes
family photos : 30 minutes
wedding party & couples session : 60-90 minutes
Also if you are leaving the ceremony location to go elsewhere for your wedding portraits, also budget in travel time for the round trip.

• What is the best time for our bridal portraits?

The best photos are crafted using good light, so the best time for your portraits is dependent on sunset. The last hour of light before sunset is the best. The light is much softer and more flattering. Avoid the middle of the day as the sun is stronger and its higher in the sky so will cast harsher shadows which are unflattering. But we can throw that all out the window if its an overcast day. Clouds diffuse the light providing a soft even light which is great for photos. However an overcast or rainy day will also means it gets darker quicker - just something to be mindful off. But we can't control the weather so its always best to work on it being a sunny day when planning your portraits.

• What advice do you offer couples when booking their wedding photography?

Firstly, we no longer live in the day where its just the bride's day, it's about two people deciding to get married. Therefore choosing a photographer should be a joint decision together. Make sure you are both on the same page as to what style of photography you want as well as both invested in making your wedding photography a priority.

• What if you haven't photographed at our wedding venue before?

This job has me photographing at many different venues regularly, and something I love! It keeps me inspired and as excited as my couple for their special day! Picture this - your photographer has shot heaps of weddings at the venue before, they might get a little bored with the same locations over and over again, and that will be reflected in your photos! You don’t want cookie-cutter photos, right? So it shouldn't be a deal breaker if I haven't photographed at the venue before. If I haven’t photographed a venue before I will scout the venue and location before the wedding day. If Im traveling I arrive a day early to meet my couple as well as check out the venue, locations, lighting and suss out the good photo spots.

• Will we meet before the wedding day?

I love any chance to meet my couples, however it's not always possible if we live in different cities or states. We will usually at least meet once before the wedding day. And we will absolutely chat over the phone. You can catch me daily on email, text, PM me on Facebook Messenger or DM me on IG with any questions. If you are a Sydney local, we can absolutely catch up for a coffee or wine.

• How much do you charge?

My wedding photography packages start at $2800 with all day packages also available. My prices reflect my experience, service, quality, equipment and time spent not only on the wedding day, but pre-wedding planning and processing your images after the day. I also offer weekday and elopement packages or can tailor a custom package to suit your needs. Please contact me for a detailed price list.

• Do you recommend having two photographers?

For 8 years, 99% of my weddings has been me shooting alone. I have awesome ninja skills and move around a lot, but mostly its about knowing where to position myself like when the bride walks down the aisle so I can capture her as well as the groom's reaction. But if you feel the need to add a second photographer, maybe you have a 100+ guest list, excessive travel distances between the getting ready locations, time constraints play a role or it's desirable to have a different perspective, I have access to a network of talented photographers that can assist. Just ask me about adding a second photographer to your package.

• How many images will we receive?

A guaranteed minimum of 500 edited images are delivered for the 6 hour wedding photography package with more for longer coverage. A number of factors affect the number of images delivered, like how much coverage, number of guests, amount of details and length of portrait time, all can play a role in the final number of images delivered. Generally I deliver 80-100 images per hour. The images delivered will represent all parts of the day covered.

• Are our wedding photos edited?

Yes, all images delivered are edited. Editing includes colour correction, exposure adjustments, contrast, sharpening and toning that is of a natural looks-like-film colour palette. In line with our natural approach to wedding photography, editing does not include retouching ie. reshaping people's body shape or anything that drastically changes the look of someone such as skin smoothing or correcting fake tans. However, I will remove the odd spot/blemish if its a distracting mark on the bride/groom's face.

• When & how are our photos delivered?

Within the first week a sneak peek from the day will be shared on Facebook and Instagram so you can share with family and friends. Next you will receive an online slideshow with around 200 images set to music, also shared on Facebook for sharing. Delivery of all the final edited images is usually within 4-6 weeks. From 2019, I will be delivering images via an online gallery due to USB ports being removed from many computers. Your images will be just as you would receive them on a USB, with the benefit of 24/7 365 days a year access to your images which also serves as your archival backup. The password protected online gallery will contain watermark-free high-resolution digital images. You can download all the high-resolution images from your gallery to your local computer, and you can also download web-sized files suitable for sharing on social media. Couples will still receive a handful of complimentary art prints as a thank you gift for allowing me to capture this special day.

• How do you feel about same sex marriage?

I totally support the LGBTQI community and marriage equality. I was a proud Yes voter. In August 2018 I photographed my first same sex couple and it was a privilege to be apart of their emotional day and I look forward to capturing more same sex weddings.

• What can we do with the digital files?

While I retain copyright, they are yours to enjoy. You are free to print and share those images with family and friends. The only restrictions are if you wish to submit them to a wedding magazine or blog or share them with other suppliers from your wedding, please contact me for permission plus Im more than happy to take over the application process as Ive done them before as well as happy to distribute the photos to other vendors to ensure they credit the photos appropriately. Thanks

Candid Natural Wedding Photography Sydney | Sydney Wedding Photographer | Deb Boots

What to do with your photos after the wedding?

Every couple receives their images as high-resolution digital files free of watermarks.
And while it’s great you have the digital files for the archives,
wouldn’t you like to see the memories from your special day laid out in a beautiful story?
Let’s be honest, the album isn’t necessarily for you, as much as its for your children.
Imagine the day when you are telling your kids the story of how mum and dad fell in love,
with an album full of beautiful pictures in front of them.
Yes I offer albums … they are a contemporary fine art book.
The photos are professionally printed on archival paper with a beautiful matte finish
Personalise the cover through leather & fabric options in various colours and custom embossing  …
but don’t let me tease you any longer, have a look for yourself here.

Candid Natural Wedding Photography Sydney | Sydney Wedding Photographer | Deb Boots

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Candid Natural Wedding Photography Sydney | Sydney Wedding Photographer | Deb Boots

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