Fine Art Wedding Album with Leather Cover & Personalised Custom Embossing


I just took delivery of Sian & Shaun’s wedding album and in between delivering it to them, I just had to photograph this gorgeous colourful album full of wedding day memories.

This album was to be their first wedding anniversary gift to themselves, but life happens, such as Sian & Shaun falling pregnant with their first child, there were some delays to finalising the album design. And I can happily say that Sian & Shaun are now the proud parents of a little boy named Zander, and I was lucky enough to meet him when I delivered their wedding album.

Even more reason to print your photos in a beautiful quality professional album, an heirloom piece that will last for generations. Just think as their little boy grows up, he will be shown the photos from his mum and dad’s wedding, and one day in the distant future he will look back on his parent’s wedding photos as he too marries the love of his life, and eventually the album will be passed down to him to show his children, Sian & Shaun’s grandchildren.

Now let’s not go racing too far into the future, while we enjoy flicking through their wedding album.


Victoria Park Function Centre

Brisbane wedding photography

Sian & Shaun

Fine Art Wedding Album
Leather cover in Navy Blue and custom embossing in Silver Foil
80 page album { 40 spreads }

Wedding Venue : Victoria Park Function Centre, Herston Brisbane
Wedding Photos : Roma Street Parklands

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