Wedding Album Gift Registry

For those of you wanting an album but not sure you have room in the wedding budget, listen to this … I have partnered up with Album Registry, a wedding gift registry service whereby your family and friends can contribute to the purchase of your album. That means the cost of the album doesn’t come out of your pockets. Your family and friends already want to gift you something to celebrate your wedding, so rather than them wasting money on something you don’t need or want (ie. a shit gift), you are actually helping your family and friends contribute to a gift you will value for many years. Win Win right!

Do you imagine viewing your wedding memories like this …

You might even think you will get around to designing your own album …

but most couples don’t get around too it!
Simply because soon enough life and kids happen …

Heavens forbid if there was a fire! What would you grab if you had seconds to get out of the house?
It’s common to hear people say the family, pets … and the wedding album!

In my 8 year career I have seen CD and DVD drives disappear from our computers,
[ let alone couples losing their USB ]
and Apple has already started removing USB ports from their Mac computers.

What’s a USB good for anyway!

Let’s take a little look into the future of the USB …

Not convinced you should invest in a wedding album just yet?
What if you didn’t have to pay for it! … Introducing Album Registry.

How does the wedding album registry work?
Yes there is a video for that too …

If you would like more information on the wedding album registry or add it to your wedding photography package, please get in touch.

For me personally, there is no better way to view photos than in the printed format. If you are considering getting a wedding album, start with checking out my beautiful fine art albums [ click here ]. The albums are handmade in Australia using archival inks for the printing and the highest quality materials, ensuring your memories will last a lifetime. Plus you are supporting the local Australian album manufacturing industry which Im sure gives good karma juju.

The album design process is made easy for you. I work under what is called pre-design. I start the design for you so you aren’t overwhelmed with what to do with hundreds of photos. Through the design proofing process you have the ability to make changes, giving you absolute control over the photos that end up in the finished album. Plus the fun part, getting to choose from a range of materials and colours for the album cover to personalise your album. We can customise the album further by embossing the cover with your names or a beautiful love quote – and there are even a few different colour foils to choose from for the embossing. Seriously, albums are not a big brick like what your grandma had! … Today’s albums are more like a contemporary art book. But don’t take my word for it, you have to see one to believe how beautiful these albums are … so head over to the wedding albums [ click here ] to satisfy your curiosity.