Creating your wedding album is very much a personal experience. You want your album to reflect your wedding day, the wedding style as well as your personal style. I like to think of a wedding album as a modern art book that sits on your coffee table. We have many great cover materials options in a variety of colours, including beautiful linens, that way your wedding art book fits in with the soft furnishings and interior decor of your home.

After all, you will want to have your book full of beautiful memories proudly displayed on your coffee table to show your family and friends. When choosing materials and colours for the album cover, you might want to consider how it will fit within the style and colour scheme of your lounge room. There are beautiful natural tones, through to sophisticated chocolates and charcoals in both leathers and fabrics, pretty soft pastels to bright bold colours for a show-stopper.

While I help you get started with your wedding album design, at the end of the day, the photos that appear in your final printed wedding album are of your choosing.  As is choosing the material, colour and personalising options for the cover of your wedding album. This is where the real fun begins!

Materials to choose from :

  • genuine & faux leathers – choose from Collections One & Two below.
  • fabrics { linen, silks & buckram bookcloth } – choose from Collections One & Two below.
  • photo-wrap – a custom designed cover utilising your photos that wraps around the entire album { front cover, spine & back cover }.
  • image-cover – one image on the front cover of the album filling 3/4 of the front cover, with your choice of leather or fabric to cover the spine and back cover { the leather/fabric starts on the front cover with approx 1-1.5″ visible on the front, then wraps around the spine to the back cover } – choose from Collections One & Two below.

Cover Design Options :

Leather and fabric covered albums maybe embossed with text ie. your names. Most typefaces/fonts can be used. If you have a specific typeface/font preference or the one used in your wedding stationery, just let us know the name of the typeface/font and we will review it to see if it is suitable for embossing. There are a few colour options available for the embossing too – refer to the Embossing Foil Colours below.

Presentation Boxes :

Presentation Boxes are also available for storing your wedding album. For more information on the available styles of Presentation Boxesclick here








Note: Blind embossing is clear to show through the colour of the material underneath.
Eg. if the cover was a coloured leather such as red, your embossing would show through the red leather.