Warwick wedding venue, Abbey of the Roses in Warwick is one of Queensland’s truly unique and charming wedding venues just 2 hours drive from Brisbane, the perfect weekend getaway for a wedding.

0001-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Wedding-Photography-Venue-Location-photo 0002-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Wedding-Photography-Venue-Location-photo 0003-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Wedding-Photography-Venue-Location-photo 0004-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Wedding-Photography-Venue-Location-photo

The country house manor is an idyllic location for a romantic fairytale wedding. If you are a fan of the TV show Downton Abbey, then you will love Abbey of the Roses. And expect a visit from the resident house cat to join in on your wedding day celebrations.

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The Bavarian suite is perfect for bridal preparations. The room has a gothic feel with the 4 poster-bed, magnificent stain glass windows almost the full height of the ceilings and decadent chandeliers. A beautiful space for pre wedding photos of the bride with her bridesmaids and special moments with her family.

0007-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Wedding-Photography-Bride-Preparation-photo0014-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Wedding-Photography-Bride-Preparation-photo0018-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Wedding-Photography-Bride-Preparation-photo 0027-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bride-Prep-photo 0031-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bride-Prep-photo 0032-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bride-Prep-photo 0033-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bride-Prep-photo 0035-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bride-Prep-photo

One of the many advantages of Abbey of the Roses, is that it’s a one-stop wedding destination. Another selling point of the Abbey, it offers a quaint homely experience as the couple and their guests have exclusive use of the entire property.

There are plenty of other rooms for the groom and family members to stay so they are all onsite. The Catherine McAuley room at the opposite end of the building is perfect for the groom to getting ready for the big day ahead.

0021-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Groom-Prep-photo 0022-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Groom-Prep-photo 0023-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Groom-Prep-photo

Choose to have an intimate outdoor garden ceremony utilising the gazebo. However, there is an on site chapel and of course other areas around the gardens such as the front courtyard for your nuptials.

0036-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Garden-Ceremony-photo 0043-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Garden-Ceremony-photo 0048-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Garden-Ceremony-photo 0049-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Garden-Ceremony-photo 0051-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Garden-Ceremony-photo 0052-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Garden-Ceremony-photo 0060-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Hugs-Kisses-photo

There are areas around the property for your wedding photos so you don’t need to leave the Abbey. I love the massive timber doors at the front of the building which we used for the group photo, family portraits as well as bridal portraits.

However for the wedding I photographed there, we did find a beautiful country field just 5 minutes down the road from the Abbey that we also used. When scouting the area with my bride and groom prior to the wedding day, we did find a number of areas that would be great for wedding photos.

0062-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Family-Portrait-photo 0063-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Family-Portrait-photo 0065-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bridal-Portraits-photo (1) 0066-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bridal-Portraits-photo (1)

We left the Abbey in time to get to the country field just as the sun was setting. I could have photographed in this field all day long … and I hope to have the opportunity to return to Warwick for more wedding photos in this field. I promise I will take any couple that books me for their Warwick wedding to take them to my secret field :)

0075-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bridal-Portraits-photo 0085-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bridal-Portraits-photo 0079-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bridal-Portraits-photo 0088-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bridal-Portraits-photo 0089-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bridal-Portraits-photo 0092-Abbey-of-Roses-Warwick-Country-Wedding-Photography-Bridal-Portraits-photo

The Abbey of the Roses experience is second to none. As a wedding photographer I get to photograph at many of Queensland’s popular wedding venues and through my own experience as a Brisbane wedding professional, I can only say great things about the Abbey team. Even as a wedding vendor, I was treated well, and if I get treated well, then you know the couple and their guests are treated exceptionally well. The wedding co-ordinator’s attention to detail and exceptional service was five stars. I would totally recommend Abbey of the Roses in Warwick for your romantic country wedding getaway.

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