Toowoomba wedding venue, Gabbinbar Homestead in Toowoomba is one of Queensland’s most beautiful and charming wedding venues.


The Gabbinbar Homestead historic estate provides a quaint homely experience as the couple and their guests have exclusive use of the entire property.


The Gabbinbar experience is second to none. As a wedding photographer I get to photograph at many of Queensland’s popular wedding venues and through my own experience as a vendor, I can only say great things about the Gabbinbar team. Even as a vendor I get treated well, and if I get treated well, then you know the couple and their guests are treated exceptionally well. From the communication leading up to the wedding day and on the couple’s big day, their attention to detail and exceptional service is amazing. And we haven’t even talked about the beautiful homestead and grounds.

Gabbinbar Homestead is a photographer’s dream with endless photo locations.

The estate includes the Homestead which includes the Bridal Retreat room for the bride and bridesmaids to prepare for the day ahead.

0039-Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-Deb-Boots-photo 0049-Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-Deb-Boots-photo 0067-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo 0076-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo

The Library, the Parlour and front Verandah for use throughout the day by the Groom, groomsmen and your guests.

0036-Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-Deb-Boots-photo 0031-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo 0030-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo 0057-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo

The large grounds incorporate the Pavilion which is one of the ceremony options, as well as several garden areas. One of the outdoor garden ceremony areas is the Governor’s Lawn, situated perfectly underneath a 150 year old fig tree, making it one of the most popular areas for ceremonies at Gabbinbar Homestead.

0079-Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-Deb-Boots-photo0087-Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-Deb-Boots-photo 0088-Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-Deb-Boots-photo0092-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo0096-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo 0101-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo

The Stables and Old School House are two quaint rustic barns on the estate, and along with the natural gardens, open field, the woods, bamboo grove and pebbled driveway, all make for wonderful backdrops for your bridal party location photos while your guests mingle and enjoy a garden party along with optional lawn games while served canapes and refreshments. With so many photo location opportunities there is no reason to leave Gabbinbar – so once you arrive at the estate, you don’t need to leave until it’s time to depart when the wedding is over.

0109-Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-Deb-Boots-photo 0161-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo 0163-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo

The Magnolia Tree is another popular backdrop for night time photography with the permanent hanging vintage lanterns.


The Conservatory with its spectacular glass roof allows light to dance across the room as the sun sets in the afternoon. The Conservatory inside the homestead is perfect for your evening reception catering for small and large receptions.

0146-Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-Deb-Boots-photo0034-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo 0032-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo0176-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo

Then the party continues with dancing in the Ballroom.

0201-Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-Deb-Boots-photo 0202-Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-Deb-Boots-photo 0227-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo 0228-Gabbinbar-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-K&M-photo

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