Things To Consider When Having A Beach Ceremony

If sand between your toes, an ocean breeze and crashing waves as your background, sounds like the perfect wedding day, who could blame you for wanting a relaxed beach wedding ! Here are some helpful tips to planning the perfect beach wedding.

Planning the perfect beach wedding and things to consider when having a ceremony on the beach

Tips For Planning The Perfect Beach Wedding

A beach wedding may be your idea of the perfect wedding, but there are a few things to consider.

Because we can’t plan on what nature is going to do on any given day, that sunshine and gentle ocean breeze could in fact end up being overcast { or worse it rains } with gusts of wind blowing sand in your face, sending your gorgeously styled wedding hair straight across your face. Then the annoying sand flies or that hot sun beating down on you and your guests making you all sweaty and sticky! Your beach wedding might not be that fun day afterall.

Don’t let these mere things scare you off having your dream beach wedding! These are here to prompt you when planning your beach wedding so there are no surprises so you and your guests have an amazing and special day. Plan for the worst, and hope for the best!

Following are some helpful tips to follow to avoid disappointment, and help you plan for a stress-free beach wedding.

Tip For Achieving Great Beach Wedding Photos

You’ve been madly checking the weather patterns for your wedding date for the past 10 years and it’s blue skies every single year (yay!). But you don’t want to base all your planning on just sunshine or rain alone! Many coastline beaches, although beautiful, can get hit with high winds or a freak change in weather patterns.

Tiffany & Steven planned their beach wedding at Dicky’s Beach, one of Caloundra’s popular spots for beach weddings. On the day of the wedding, the sun was shining during the bride and groom preparation photos, but as I was driving to the ceremony a storm rolled in really quickly. When I arrived at the beach ceremony location, there were dark clouds looming, it was raining and the strong winds were blowing a gale. There were last minute conversations about moving the ceremony to their wet weather backup plan venue, but Tiffany & Steven had their hearts set on a beach wedding, so we stayed put. The generous local Surf Lifesavers brought down a marquee for some protection from the weather. Fortunately just as Tiffany arrived, the wind died down enough to make it bearable to sit out on the beach. To see photos from Tiffany & Steven’s Sunshine Coast beach wedding

Planning the perfect beach wedding and things to consider when having a ceremony on the beach

Bridal Gowns, Beach weddings & Wind …

When choosing your bridal gown and bridesmaid’s dresses, keep in mind it might be windy. Be aware short and flowing dresses might leave you girls trying to hold down your dresses throughout the beach ceremony.

You may have been dreaming about wearing a ballgown style wedding dress, but be practical, that style is not really designed for a beach wedding.  A long flowing veils are more suited to church weddings, as the long veil will only get twisted and trodden on at a beach wedding. Ditch your high heels, save them for the reception later if you must have a pair of blingy heels and go barefoot during your beach ceremony! For a beach wedding, dress accordingly and be comfortable! A bohemian inspired wedding dress and flowers in your hair will allow you to move more freely at your beach wedding.

Beautiful Beach Wedding Photography

When planning your beach wedding hairstyle, consult with your hairdresser so they can give you an idea of the best styles that hold up in wind. For example, a hairstyle that keeps your hair off your face to avoid having to constantly brush it away from your face.  While you may love a natural wind-swept look, the reality of hair and a windy day will leave you fighting more with your hair than enjoying the day you marry the love of your life!

Choosing The Perfect Ceremony Time For A Beach Wedding

Its extremely important to consider the time of day for your wedding ceremony! Will the sun be in your eyes and blinding you? When is high tide and how far up the beach will the water travel? If you are in a popular beach spot, you will most likely have the public crowded around the area – will it be hard for your guests to find parking? are you okay with having onlookers watching your most intimate and special day? Lighting is also super important – in the middle of the day in summer the sun is high above and creates harsh light. It’s best to consult with your wedding photographer about what will work best at your chosen beach wedding location.

Preparation Is Key To Planning A Beach Wedding 

Rain clouds are definitely not your preferred choice of weather for your big day, but unfortunately we don’t have control over the weather, even not on special days like your wedding. It’s important to keep an eye on the weather the week leading up to your wedding day, but don’t go stressing about it needlessly, as I have found the weather reports to be inaccurate on many occasions. Even on days when it’s rained in the morning, by the time the ceremony comes around, the sun is shining once more.

It is important to have a backup wet weather plan when planning the perfect beach wedding so if the weather is unfavourable, then a simple change in plans is easy to navigate on the day. Look for alternative wet-weather venues nearby and lock one down for your wedding date. Often your reception venue will be able to accommodate you, but check with them when booking that this is something they offer. While it may cost you a fee to hold the venue in case, better than a last minute scramble or being stuck on the beach in a downpour of rain ruining your beautiful wedding dress, and hair and makeup, let alone all your guests getting drenched. You could consider hiring a marquee. Also don’t forget the good old umbrella – have lots of them on hand! While they are handy in rain, they can also be used to shelter the hot sun.

Wet Weather Wedding Tips

Not only is it good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, an experienced photographer can create beautiful wedding photos in the rain. Check out my Wet Weather Wedding Tips and Rain on your Wedding Day article.

Don’t Forget To Check With The Local Council To See If You Require A Permit To Hold A Beach Wedding

Most councils require you obtain a permit for an outdoor beach wedding. Contact the local council for more information on arranging a permit for your chosen beach ceremony location. Certain rules may apply too, ie. restrictions on candles or open flames, rubbish removal and noise restrictions. If planning your beach wedding is stressing you out – contact a local wedding planner who will know the rules and be able to easily arrange it on your behalf.

Styling Your Beach Wedding

One of the advantages of a beach wedding, is the natural beauty already surrounding you! Simply adding an arch or some form of structure with florals to create a central spot and backdrop for where the bride and groom will be standing, chairs for your guests and some personalising details is all you need to style your beach wedding.

Styling For A Beach Wedding

Don’t Forget To Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable …

You will be sharing your wedding day with the most important people in your lives, so don’t forget how comfortable your outdoor beach wedding will be for your loved ones.  Are they going to feel relaxed and comfortable taking their pretty shoes off to stand on hot sand? It’s a good idea to have a refreshment stand with iced water on hand. Cute parasols for your guests to shade them from the hot sun – or paper fans.  Perhaps it’s a bit chilly – have a basket full of blankets for your guests. Another good idea is preparing a little basket of essentials including mozzie repellent and sun-screen.

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