It’s a rare opportunity in the wedding industry where you get a look into behind the scenes of what goes into creating a couple’s magical big day. Paddington Weddings Bertossi have invited brides and all of us, inside their Brisbane studio, to have a behind the scenes glimpse into how they create their couture bridal gowns.

Whatever service a wedding supplier provides, there is so much work that goes into creating the couple’s wedding day. Here Paddington Weddings Bertossi Brides are hard at work creating their beautiful gowns. From sketching out the designs to piecing the wedding gown together, is very much a hands-on process.  All the handcrafted pieces that go into a gown, choosing the beautiful lace, detailing and buttons is just incredible that we get to take a sneak peek. Any bride that gets to wear a Bertossi Brides gown must feel like a princess on her wedding day.

The wedding gown can set the scene for the wedding day ahead, and as a photographer Im on of the few lucky ones to get a peek at the gown before the bride walks down the aisle.

For me as a wedding photographer, there are many tasks both before and after the wedding day. Hours of planning and creating a wedding day timeline before the day. Cleaning camera equipment and charging batteries the day before the wedding. Then after the day many hours of computer work; loading files from memory cards onto the computer, backing up multiple copies of those files, editing hundreds of images individually, designing the wedding album and delivering the couple’s images. As a digital photographer, you could say I spend more time after the wedding, than actually on the day behind the camera.  In average I spend 30-40 hours on each couples wedding between meetings, planning, shooting, image file management, editing and multiple meetings with the couple.

I’ve had many past brides wear a stunning Bertossi Brides wedding gown, as did Chloe, one of my 2015 brides, whose Mavis’s Kitchen Mount Warning wedding was featured on Junebug Weddings. Chloe looked absolutely beautiful in her gown and you could just see the love in her groom Anthony’s face when he first saw her walk down the aisle.

Below is a wonderful video taking a “behind the seams” look at the work that goes into creating the Paddington Weddings Bertossi Brides dresses in Brisbane. Where Anne Bertossi creates her award winning ‘Bertossi Brides’ bridal collection with her talented team. So much time and care is put into each of her designs, using only the best quality pure silks and European laces that are cut to perfection. Sit back and enjoy the magical work of Paddington Weddings.



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