You have booked your wedding venue, and the next step on your wedding planning agenda should be to start thinking about the photography and searching for a wedding photographer.




There are pages and pages of Google listings of wedding photographers to choose from, so selecting the best wedding photographer to capture your wedding might prove to be a little challenging, like sifting through a hay stack to find the needle kind of difficult.

However, selecting an experienced, seasoned wedding photographer for your wedding is highly important to meet your expectations. Any bride would want to make their wedding day the most memorable calendar event of the year, and beautifully captured to remember the big day as it truly was.

If you are couple that places a high priority on your wedding photos, then you will want to continue reading this article on Things To Consider When Searching For A Wedding Photographer.

There are a few factors to consider that may just influence your choice of photographer. Without a doubt your wedding day is a truly treasured event in your love story. The special day only happens once and getting your choice of photographer right is crucial to ensuring your precious memories are preserved.

Let’s address those deciding factors for choosing the best wedding photographer.


Searching for a Wedding Photographer – Online Searches

Searching online is the first port of call for most brides and grooms when planning their wedding. For good reason, their is mountains of information available on every wedding supplier, service and wedding related item you can imagine at the click of a button, at any time of day or night.

At the same time, your online searching can lead you down rabbit hole and on a journey to nowhere particular.

Remember not all services listed on Page 1 of Google are necessarily the best at what they do. They simply are savvy at SEO strategies or have paid a lot of money for getting their website ranked highly in Google searches, which is a separate thing entirely. Perhaps you need to consider doing a little more investigating and venture further down past the first page of Google to find the most suitable wedding photographer sitting on pages 2, 3, 4 and even beyond.


Budgeting For Your Wedding Photography

Budgets do play apart in any wedding because money doesn’t grow on trees. And, your wedding is one day out of a lifetime, and need to be realistic.  But there is no sense just plucking a figure out of the air for your wedding photography budget. Photographers can charge anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, but there is a huge difference in experience and quality as to what you get for your money. If you budget around $3,000-4,000 you are guaranteed to find a great wedding photographer with years of professional experience to back them.

There is more to photographing a wedding that turning up on the day and taking pictures and that’s the difference between an amateur and professional photographer. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes in a wedding photography business.  Professional photographers are more invested in your day as their livelihoods depend on your wedding and future wedding bookings so they can’t afford to stuff up and get a bad or negative review. Professional photographers also do this every day and every week, throughout the year so their knowledge is priceless – plus their ability to handle stress on the wedding day is valuable. Professionals will be great communicators with you leading up to your wedding to help with planning the day, to having the best camera equipment and ensuring your precious memories are backed up securely (and not just one backup but several backups, and generally the first backup is on the day of the wedding). They will deliver images to you generally within 2-4 weeks of the wedding. Naturally if an amateur or part-time photographer is shooting weddings, they generally have another full-time job that brings them not only another source of income, but they don’t have as much time to work on (edit) your images after the wedding day amongst work and family life, so their turnaround time on delivering images can be somewhat more like 6-12 weeks.


Finding The Perfect Photographer For Your Wedding!

There is no doubt that Google is a resourceful tool when planning your wedding. But here are a few useful tips to avoid wasting time.

  • First Impressions Count – typically the photos presented on the first page of a photographer’s website will give you an immediate look into their style. If you like what you see, then have a bit more of a browse through that photographer’s wedding portfolio. There should be easy to find navigation on the home page to direct you to their featured weddings.
  • Like What You See – if the wedding photos represent the style you love, then you might navigate to the photography prices page to make sure they are within your budget. Don’t get too fixated on the price at this point. If you absolutely adore this photographers work, wouldn’t you rather adjust your budget to be able to afford your first choice wedding photographer? Be mindful you are comparing packages side by side, for example, if a package has a certain number of hours of coverage, does that include high resolution digital files, editing, an album and so on, so you are comparing apples for apples and not apples for oranges.
  • Like What You Read – once you are arriving at the conclusion that this might be the photographer for you, read through the photographer’s reviews to get a feel for past couple’s experiences with the photographer.
  • Time To Put A Name To A Face – if you are getting this far and the photographer is receiving a positive yes at every stage, the next stage is to contact the photographer to check if they have your wedding date available.  Be sure to set up a meeting with the photographer for as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, as the best wedding photographers book up 12-18 months in advance.
  • The Meet And Greet – at your meeting with the photographer, is an opportunity to ask all your questions before securing them for your wedding. You will also get a feel for their personality, understanding of their experience and knowledge, better understanding of their photography packages, any additional costs and have a chance to see more of their portfolio as well as view wedding albums. The photographer is generally with you most of the wedding day, so its important to feel comfortable around the photographer. Don’t underestimate how important it is too feel like the photographer is a friend – on your wedding day you will likely be stressed and emotional, so you want the photographer who is in your personal space taking photos of you, to feel like they are your friend and not a pushy photographer bossing you around. Make your expectations clear to avoid any misunderstandings.  Be open to ideas as your photographer should be experienced on all matter of things wedding related. Don’t feel pressured to make your decision to book the photographer at that meeting, no matter what marketing promotion they throw at you. Naturally you and your fiance will want to discuss your options in private and make the decision together.
  • Saying Yes To Your Photographer – Im a big believer in trusting your instincts, so if its feels good and right, say Yes to the photographer as soon as you have made your choice, and you can secure them for your wedding date. Remember, your date is not locked in until your have met their booking requirements, usually a payment of a booking fee/retainer and a signed contract.

At the end of the day, choosing a seasoned, professional wedding photographer is vital to achieving your expectations of beautifully captured and the best wedding photos.

Happy planning!



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