A chilled out engagement shoot in Byron Bay with two lovebirds and Lucy-Goosy


I met Tara around 5 years ago when she worked in the printing industry. Tara had been dating Jarrod for about a year. She told me in 5 years time she will call me to photograph their wedding. Well it’s happening!

But first an engagement session so we could catch up and I could finally meet Jarrod, the man that has stolen her heart, and also someone very special to them both, Lucy-Goosy their adorable black Labrador! I grew up with a black Labrador by the name of Beauty, so Lucy just melted my heart.

Sometimes engagement sessions mean we jump in the car, drive to Byron Bay for the day, try to get an advanced preview on a possible wedding venue, have a bite to eat, then hit the beach.  Such a day went a little like this …

0001-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0002-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0003-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0004-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0005-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo0007-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo0010-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0011-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo0012-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0013-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0014-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo0016-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0017-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0018-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0005-Byron-Bay-engagement-DebBoots-photos0021-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0022-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0023-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0024-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0025-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0026-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0027-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0028-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0029-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0030-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0031-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0032-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0033-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0034-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo0035-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo

Byron Bay has special meaning for these two as they have spent many weekends there. We finished the shoot in the spot where Jarrod proposed to Tara.

0036-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0037-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0038-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0039-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0040-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0041-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo 0042-engagement-photography-Byron-Bay-deb-boots-photo

Bring on the June 2017 Byron wedding!

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