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Deb Boots is a local Sydney wedding photographer that offers natural wedding photography in Sydney, focusing on candid intimate moments.

Welcome couples. I love shooting weddings in Sydney and up and down the East Coast of Australia. I got my start as a full-time professional photographer in Brisbane back in 2010, which feels like a lifetime ago. But in that time I have photographed hundreds of awesome couple’s love stories. In 2017 I moved back home to Sydney and where I look forward to photographing weddings in and around Sydney.

My approach to photographing weddings is a candid style to focus on natural photography while capturing meaningful moments mixed with intimate portraits. Throughout my portfolio you will find a number of engagement sessions and weddings representing my candid, natural photography style.

natural wedding photography focusing on candid intimate moments


Natural or photojournalistic wedding photography is a buzzword in the wedding photography industry. Everyone wants natural photos that portray the real wedding day. In years gone-by, couples didn’t have an option since there was only one type of wedding photographer, traditional posed portraits. But since the age of digital photography and advancements in technology, allows photographers to capture more natural, authentic moments. We live in a society where people want their lives and weddings documented in an real, honest way.


Most of my couples want a fun, relaxed day where they aren’t dragged away for hours for photos, so they can celebrate with their guests. But in order to have a relaxed day, some planning must go into the day no matter how chilled out of a couple you are.  I will help you plan your wedding day so that it flows smoothly by creating a wedding day photography timeline which allows you to be present in the moment and spend precious time with your guests, while still achieving beautiful memories of the two of you as newlyweds.

I also have some tips on How To Pose For Natural Wedding Photos – read up on how not to pose for your wedding photos to achieve naturally captured wedding pictures here.


Nowadays, while there is always an element of formal family portraits at a wedding, frequently, couples ask for natural photos of themselves and their guests enjoying themselves without being lined up in awkwardly posed photos for the camera.

We have put together a list of 7 tips to help achieve great natural wedding photos.

    1. Always Be Ready

      The first and most important rule of natural photography is for the photographer to always have their camera ready. If you are choosing a photographer that specialises in natural wedding photography, then they will most likely possess some stealthy ninja skills and move around continuously and unobtrusively to get those natural moments. For you, as the bride, groom or a guest, just ignore the photographer and let them do what they are hired to do, take pictures.

    2. Use Of Longer Lenses

      The photographer will be well equiped with the right camera equipment and have the skills to be ready to snap away when spontaneous moments happen throughout the day.

      It’s easier to get natural pictures if you’re not standing right in front of people. So most photographers with a natural approach will shoot with a zoom lens so they can take pictures from a further distance. That way, people are less likely to realise that the camera is being pointed in their direction.

      It also helps to keep the intimacy of the shot, which is really important in wedding photography.

    3. Flash-Free Zone

      The quickest way to kill a natural moment is by using a flash. As soon as your fire off that flash, you get people noticing that you’re taking a photo. Most professional wedding photographers use the best camera equipment that can even handle low-light environments to capture candid photos without the use of a flash. And besides, a flash can be harsh and unflattering. So natural light is the best option for capturing candid moments.

    4. Capture Lots Of Photos

      Even a stealthy professional will take lots of photos when shooting in a natural style because it increases the chance of getting the exact moment. Because the nature of candid photos requires a spontaneous reaction,  a photographer can’t always guarantee the candids will be awesome, because a huge part of natural photography is relying on people to be animated, give the photographer a range of expressions to capture, and have interactions on the day that make great candid photos.

    5. Photographs Of People In Groups

      This has a two-fold advantage. People interacting with each other often makes for a more interesting picture. But more importantly, once people are talking in groups they become involved in the conversation and less aware of what is going on around them. And this makes life far easier for a photographer trying to capture natural pictures.

    1. Follow The Laughter

      I totally fall into this tip, as soon as I hear laughter, no matter where I am in the room, Im drawn to where the laughter is – its a sign that something fun in happening and usually guarantees a great natural moment. The photographer is always going to position themselves to be where people are having fun and enjoying themselves, as this will lead to the most natural pictures.

  1. Pay Attention

    Lastly, and certainly not least, the photographer needs to be paying attention to what’s happening to get the best natural photos at a wedding. A great natural wedding photographer will be able to anticipate the shots that are about to happen.


While I am a local Sydney based photographer, I do travel for weddings. I regularly travel up and down the East Coast of Australia so travel fees usually don’t apply. Here is a list of locations where I photograph weddings but I basically travel anywhere and everywhere for my couples. I have photographed weddings in Brisbane, Blue Mountains, regional Queensland, Tasmania and even Fiji and Thailand.

candid natural wedding photography by Sydney wedding photographer Deb Boots


Your wedding photos transport you back to relive your special day. The moments. The emotions. The excitement. The love.

I predominantly approach the wedding day in a documentary style but there is also a mix of creative, artistic & romantic portraits to give you a variety of great memories. I am constantly seeking to capture moments of laughter and tears as well as all the details which capture the spirit of your real wedding day.

natural wedding photos Sydney as a couple wanders through the forest, barefooted and groom helping his bride


I think of a wedding day as a big party.
Celebrating your love with the important people in your life.
All the wedding planning is done so its time to have some fun!

 Natural wedding photographer Deb Boots


All wedding photography packages include high-resolution print-quality images supplied as .jpg digital files.
Curated to between 600-800 images dependent upon coverage and number of guests.
Lovingly edited, ready for you to print & share.
All images delivered in colour as well as a selection in beautiful black & white.
Supplied on a USB in a beautifully packaged wooden box.
A wedding highlights slideshow set to music while you wait for your images to arrive.
An online gallery of all images to share with family and friends.