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This past Spring wedding season in Brisbane has seen more wet weddings than I have seen in my 8 years shooting weddings. I tell all my brides, rather than letting some rain spoil the day, because we can’t control nature right, is to just have fun because you only get this day once. Well of course it rained on Hanna & James’s wedding day, because they just got married in the Spring of 2017.

I was already a fan of the backyard wedding, but when I rocked up to see the shed where Hanna & James were having their backyard wedding, my mind was blown!

It was the ‘man cave’ men dream off! Well I shouldn’t be so sexist and assuming its just a boy’s dream. Im sure there are many girls that would also appreciate what was in this shed.

The shed had a skate ramp! There were decorated skateboards lining the wall. Even though Im not a skater girl, getting a wedding photo on a skateboard ramp had been on my photoshoot wishlist for years – well I can tick that one off the list now!

Apart from the awesome skate ramp, the shed was filled with James’ collection of cars, bikes and even a Harley Davidson. Mind you a good amount of the cars had to be moved out for the wedding.

To soften the man cave, they brought in antique furniture, wooded tables, a feasting table, photo booth and vintage caravan bar. Plus it wouldn’t be a backyard wedding without Festoon lights and a chandelier.

I can’t wait to share more of Hanna & James’ awesome backyard wedding soon.

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