Top 5 tips to start planning your wedding


Your partner has recently popped the ‘will you marry me’ question, you’ve said ‘yes’ and you now are wearing a new shiny big rock on your finger, and your getting married. Now what? You need to start planning your wedding.

Planning a wedding must feel overwhelming right now with all that needs to be done. Even for those that have been planning their wedding since they were a little girl, now that time has arrived, it’s still a case of where to begin. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, these top 5 tips to start planning your wedding will have you excited about planning your wedding.


1. Chat with your partner about what style of wedding you both want

First you need to decide on the style of wedding you both want. While most girls dream of their wedding day since they were a little girl, remember there are two people committed to this relationship. With modern weddings, more men are wanting to be involved in the wedding planning.

Location – do you want to get married in the city or country? Local or a destination wedding?  Do you want a small intimate wedding or a big wedding? Do you want a ceremony in your church or under a huge big tree in a field?

All of these things should be considered when discussing the planning of your wedding day.


2. Make a list to start wedding planning and create a budget

You can’t plan a wedding without a list! Start by writing a list of all the things you need to organise for a wedding. Then put that list in priority order to you have your top priorities at the top. Having your top priorities will ensure that you budget for those important things. Top priorities might include your wedding venue as your venue and location can really set the style of your wedding. A top priority might even be the wedding date, maybe it has some significance like an anniversary or maybe you have your heart set on a season of the year, maybe you have dreamt of a beautiful Spring wedding or an Autumn wedding because the weather is more comfortable, or if you are getting married in Queensland, then maybe even a Winter wedding to avoid the hot summer weather if your having an outdoor ceremony. Other priorities might include photography, of course I’m a little bias, but then it’s the wedding photos that you will have long after the wedding day as your memories.

Once you have created your list, you will want to then put budgets against each item. You will need to do a little research with various wedding suppliers to determine what rough costs are for the various suppliers.  There is no point just adding an amount willy nilly as that’s the best way to blow your budget, you need to be realistic as what items actually cost for a certain quality. Working out your budget will help determine which venues you look at, how many people you can invite, which vendors you’ll hire.


3. Pick your wedding venue, then your wedding date !

If you fall in love with your wedding venue, then you might need to be flexible with dates. Wedding venues can book up anything from 12-18 months in advance so make sure you start planning as soon as you get engaged to avoid disappointment, especially if you have a specific date like an anniversary date chosen for your wedding day.


4. Secure your wedding photographer

Hopefully your wedding photography is one of your top priorities. That old cliche that your wedding photos are the one thing that holds the memories after the wedding day has finished is true. Like wedding venues, professional wedding photographers book out 12+ months in advance. When you find a wedding photographer’s work you love, you will want to secure them asap.

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5. Book in your engagement photography session

Naturally you will want to announce your engagement to family and friends, and what better way to celebrate getting engaged than with a fun engagement photography session with your partner. Its a lovely way to connect with your partner and express how excited you both are about your future journey together. You can also use your engagement photos for Save The Date cards so your wedding guests can set aside the wedding date in their calendars.

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The next few months while you are planning your wedding are going to be stressful, exciting, and full of emotions, just try not to lose track of the end goal – you are marrying your soulmate. My bonus tip for getting through the planning of your wedding would be, make sure you plan regular romantic date nights with your fiance but make sure you leave the wedding discussions out of the conversation and make it about the two of you connecting.

Happy planning.



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