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I almost don’t want to write anything and just launch straight into showing you the photographs from Luke & Jessica’s wedding day … but I will because there were so many things about Luke & Jessica’s wedding that I loved.

I was excited and eagerly awaiting this wedding from the moment I met Jess and she told me it was going to be a vintage-inspired wedding … and I do love vintage weddings!

I know everyone says vintage weddings are a trend that will soon die out and the next wedding trend will take over … and I dont doubt that for a second … but I think those who truly get what vintage weddings are all about, they will continue for some years to come because its not about following the trend, vintage is a way of life whether you collect vintage furniture and homewares or its your fashion style, there is much more to vintage than a trend – its actually quite the opposite – vintage is all about the details, beautiful fabrics, femininity, textures, flowers and all things pretty and quaint.

Vintage ~ adjective:
representing the high quality of a past time: vintage cars; vintage movies.

old-fashioned or obsolete: vintage clothing.

Jess looked absolutely gorgeous in her 3/4 length wedding dress from Ouma on Etsy and check out those Vivenne Westwood shoes with cute hearts on the toes. Jessica & the girls makeup was done by Jess’s cousin Stacey and hair by Tomadon’s Mobile Hairdressing.  The beautiful bouquets were a mix of babies’ breath, Easter daisies, Billy balls and David Austin roses from Gullys Garden Florist. The bridesmaids wore babies breath headpieces and beautiful full length white dresses, definitely did justice to Jess’s vintage-inspired wedding.

Luke and the boys looked rather handsome in their Roger David suits and nature-inspired buttonholes.

The stationery and reception decorations were just adorable and all collected or handmade by Jessica.  The theme was ‘The Perfect Pear” – printed little pears featured on a lot of the stationery and the Place Cards were on sticks skewered in to pears featured as table decorations along with a myriad of jars, vases, lanterns and candles Jessica had collected over the last twelve months to help decorate the Riverside Receptions in New Farm. Jessica had a stamp made up for the return addresses on the RSVP cards and envelopes. The Invitations and RSVP Cards were printed on recylced paper and the Wishing Well Cards was printed on seeded paper. All the other stationery – Place Cards, Menus, Programs, etc. – were all done in the same design and paper types so the natural recycled theme followed throughout.  And a similar look and feel to the Boots Photography branded packaging (yeah!)

After the ceremony we headed to nearby New Farm Park and the Brisbane Powerhouse for the photo shoot.  Luke & Jessica had arranged some gigantic white balloons from Sharnel Dollar Design to incorporate into the shoot, which we let go and watched float through the sky over New Farm. We had the most stunning afternoon light that all photographers go weak at the knees over – so there are lots of lovely shots with the golden afternoon sun as side and backlighting creating some really pretty romantic shots.

Jessica & Luke’s wedding cake was extra special as Jess’s mum baked the wedding cake for them.  Jess tells me it “tasted great” – I guess that was from all the extra love stirred in !!

Jessica & Luke’s wedding was featured on Polka Dot Bride and Polka Dot Groom.

Well for someone who wasn’t going to write anything, Ive managed to babble on … so without further hesitation, here are some highlights from Luke & Jessica’s wedding day back in February.

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