Just mentioning the words photo shoot strikes fear into most people – unless you are one of those rare photogenic people or a model that loves being in front of the camera. But it need not be this big scary monster in the corner of the room or something you avoid when you start talking about planning your wedding.

I’ve got some helpful photography tips here that will help you out whether you have signed up for a couple’s engagement session or wedding photography.


Good light will be your best friend.

So either an early morning or late afternoon session will make the most of the best natural daylight. The last hour before sunset known as golden hour makes really pretty photos.  It’s the best time of day to take photos because the sun sits lower in the sky and is much softer. That means no harsh light creating dark shadows or making you squint plus the diffused soft light will just create more flattering photos. If for some reason you must have your session during the middle of the day when the sun is at its strongest, then finding shade and using backlighting will enable us to also achieve that soft flattering light, so don’t completely rule out the middle of the day, but I highly recommend a sunset session as your first option.

Good Light - How to get the most out of your photography session - Engagement Photos


Don’t take your photo session too seriously!

That’s right you are allowed to have fun, actually it’s highly encouraged. I have some tricks up my sleeve to help put you at ease and you will be rocking your session like a pro in no time. Remember the session is about capturing your love story and nobody else’s, so you don’t have to pretent to be someone you are not. My style takes a natural approach so there isn’t any of that awkward posing or cheesy photos.  I rarely have you even looking at the camera, it’s more about your connection with your partner while I capture candid, intimate moments. Just trust me that Ive don’t this plenty of times before with other couples who feel similar, and trust me they came out the other side saying things like ‘well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be’. Hey there are even pictures to prove it

Have Fun - How to get the most out of your photography session - Engagement Photos


Style of photography matters.

When you are choosing a photographer for your engagement session or wedding photography, by choosing a photographer that has a more natural, candid style will help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Because the natural, documentary style focuses on you being you, with little direction, just to help you with how to stand and where to place hands, but other than that through some fun activities or games the photographer will have you forgetting the camera is even there.

Style Of Photography - How to get the most out of your photography session - Engagement Photos


Connection is Everything.

As far as posing goes, even documentary photographers will give their couples some directions to follow. Simply because you aren’t use to being photographed and for most couples it’s the first time they have had professional photos.  The aim of photographing couples, is to capture their love story and that means capturing emotion. The general rule is to have the bodies connecting – that could be holding hands, embracing each other in a cuddle, sitting with hands touching each other and legs crossing over the others … there are lots of ways to embrace one another and we will explore those different ideas during your shoot to find what works for you.

Connection - How to get the most out of your photography session - Engagement Photos


What to Wear for your photography session.

I suggest my couples wear something they feel comfortable in, but maybe dress it up a notch. Girls, avoid short skirts as it limits our options for sitting down photos. Boys, avoid logos or branding on shirts and clashing colours the your girls outfit. But otherwise have fun with your wardrobe and let your clothing show your personalities. Also bring an extra 1-2 outfits to give you some options – possible one is more casual and the other was if you were going out for a night on the town or to dinner [ hint: while you are dressed up you could make a dinner date for that evening .. haha ]. Also make sure your outfits work together, they don’t have to match, actually Id make sure you don’t match, but more co-ordinate. If in doubt, you can always check out my Pinterest Board of What To Wear On Your Engagement Session

What to Wear - How to get the most out of your photography session - Engagement Photos


Hair & Makeup.

I suggest you schedule your hair & makeup trial for your wedding to the morning of your engagement session. That way you can also see how your hair & makeup comes up in photos. Giving you a chance to tweak it if you need to before your wedding day.

Hair & Make-up - How to get the most out of your photography session - Engagement Photos


There you go, my top tips on how to get the most out of your photography session.


Take a look through some of my past couples sessions to get some inspiration.

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