How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost?


You are newly engaged and have started planning your wedding and have some questions as to how much you need to budget for your wedding photography.

There are many variables that play a role in how much your wedding photography will cost. From what parts of the day you want covered to how many hours will the photographer be there.

What is the average cost of a wedding photographer?

You can expect your wedding photography to cost anywhere between $2,500 – $10,000 in Australia, depending on the photographer’s experience and what is included in the wedding photography package.

Why are there some really cheap wedding photographers and some really expensive photographers?

Why are some wedding photographers cheap and others expensive really comes down to two main things, their experience and what the wedding photography package includes.  Most wedding photographers offer packages with between 8 – 10 hours of coverage to ensure both the bride and groom getting ready is covered through to the cake cutting and first dance to tell the full wedding day story. However, more or less photography coverage on the wedding day, whether the package includes prints or an album or even a second photographer,  will influence the cost of wedding photography.

There are also other things to consider, and that is what it costs a photographer to run their business. Whether the photographer works out of a studio or home office will impact what a photographer charges because they need to cover studio rent. Running a business is not cheap and what a photographer charges doesn’t all go into the bank as profit. There are many expenses from taxes, advertising, camera and computer equipment, maintenance of the equipment, purchase of harddrives every year to backup images, costs associated with running a website and online galleries for clients to store/share photos with family and friends, and other general business expenses. Most photographers on a wedding day will be running around with an equipment kit valued at $25K+ between 2 main camera bodies and a spare camera as a backup, generally around 4-5 lenses, 2 flashes and not to mention memory cards, tripod or light stands, and a stack of batteries. If your photographer rocks up with a kit anything less than that, you should be questioning are they really a professional!

Besides on the day coverage, the photographer will spend anywhere in excess of 12 hours on post production and editing your photos to look their beautiful best. Easily racking up 20+ hours for each and every wedding. On top of the shooting and editing, their is time involved in planning the wedding day timeline, location scouting, traveling to and from the wedding, backing up images for safe keeping and album designs.

Also whether the photographer is a full-time experienced professional or a a weekend gig to make some extra pocket money because their full time job affords them to charge less because they aren’t reliant on the income like a photographer that solely relies on the income from photography. These all play a role in what a photographer charges and whether they sit at the cheap wedding photographer end of the spectrum or at the medium to higher priced wedding photographers with more experience and skills.

But first you will need to consider how important your wedding photos are to you!


If your wedding photos are a top priority and you place value in them, you will more likely have to budget somewhere between $3000 – $5000.

My generous couples have left some mighty lovely reviews that tells me that their wedding photography cost was worth every cent – read the reviews here.

How many hours do you really need covered at your wedding?

For those that view their wedding photos as the most important thing, you will most likely want all day coverage to ensure all the parts of the day are captured. That could be anywhere from 9-12 hours if you intend on having both bride and groom preparation photos, ceremony, congratulations/hugs and kisses, family photos, bridal party photos, bride and groom portrait session, and reception up until the cake cutting and first dance.

Do you require an engagement session?

An engagement session is a way for couples to get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. It also allows couples to see how the photographer communicates and what to expect. With the bonus of having some couples photos to use for Save The Dates, wedding invitations, display at the wedding reception but mostly so you have memories and a record of this exciting time. If an engagement session is important to you, then you will want to make sure you include one of our fun engagement sessions in your photography package.

Do you want a wedding album?

A wedding album is a beautiful way to display your favourite photos from the wedding day. Our modern fine art albums present beautifully that you can leave out on your coffee table like an art book. Check the albums out here

Once you decide on how many hours of coverage you require, if you need an engagement session and is a wedding album important to you – then you need to go about how to find the right photographer for you!

How to find the right photographer for our wedding?

I have a totally separate post on How To Find The Right Wedding Photographer so head over here. Plus there are a lot more useful wedding planning tips and resources here.

How much does it cost for wedding photography - Wedding Photography Prices - Brisbane & Sydney wedding photographer

How much does it cost for wedding photography - Wedding Photography Prices - Brisbane & Sydney wedding photographer

How much does it cost for wedding photography - Wedding Photography Prices - Brisbane & Sydney wedding photographer

How much does it cost for wedding photography - Wedding Photography Prices - Brisbane & Sydney wedding photographer

Ultimately the amount you budget for your wedding photography completely comes down to what you value as a couple and whether you feel photography is worth that investment.

You can also learn more about me and view more of my wedding photography on my blog.

If you have any questions or would like to check availability for your wedding date, please contact me.

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