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As I wind down for the holiday period,
I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my couples and their families a happy Christmas.

After I get a few little more jobs done, I’m closing down the office for a few weeks to take a break.

If I’ve learnt anything this year,
it’s to be kind to yourself, and take time off to relax and reenergise – mind, body and soul.
So that’s what I will be doing this holiday season … and hope you do the same!

Remember, Christmas should not be about presents,
but a time to spend with friends and family and appreciate having them in your lives.
Go give your loved ones a big long hug and remember the true spirit of Christmas … coming together!

I am always very appreciative of the lovely couples I get to work with each year,
who allow me into their lives to document an intimate, special occasion, and
to continue living out my dream of having one of the best jobs in the world.

And, especially my heart goes out to those couples who have been extremely patient
this year while Ive transitioned back to living in Sydney.
It was one big year of travel back and forth and less time ‘in the office’.
It has been a big change in lifestyle for me, one I hadn’t quite planned for, yet!
As well as moving back in with my Dad to help care for him and
take over his affairs as his mental health declines from old-age disease.
It sure has thrown me some challenges – for one it has been time consuming
trying to reason with an old-man that easily gets confused.
While we don’t like to hear about the negative things going on in people’s lives,
I have learnt over the last 6 months its good for the soul to share the burdens in our lives
but to also be open and honest, and simply talk about such subjects. We will all face it one day.

2017 is also the year we celebrate legalising Same Sex Marriage in Australia.
This is wonderful news for the LGBTI community – and a movement towards equality for all in Australia.

But I finish the year on a positive, good note and
excited about some exciting projects I have planned for 2018 …
and most of all working with a new bunch of couples on their exciting journey of getting married in 2018.

Happy holidays,
– Deb xox

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