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Groom Inspiration

Today’s inspiration is for our grooms. Velvet Jackets to be precise.

As today’s weddings are no longer just about the bride (sorry girls), but in fact embrace the couple together, the groom has to be equally as stylish and out to impress his bride.

Especially for the grooms that wear business suits everyday for work, your wedding is a time to splash out on that fashionable suit, and go with something a bit different to what you’d wear to work.

Velvet Jackets are luxurious, amazing to touch and rich in colour, like the burgundy velvet jacket pictured here from Wil Valor. Also available in midnight blue, navy, grey, green, burgundy, violet and black as well as many others.

Velvet Jackets are perfect for cocktails parties and weddings.

Okay maybe a velvet jacket isn’t your thing or the price tag doesn’t work with your wedding budget, why not try a trendy sports jacket in plaid or a pattern?

With all Wil Valor bespoke jackets being custom tailored to your measurements.

Wil Valor has showrooms in Sydney and Brisbane.

Here is Chris rocking his navy velvet jacket with a plaid bowtie.  To see more wedding photos from Chris & Belinda’s Sunshine Coast wedding at The Lakehouseclick here.



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