Let’s get this party started with fun wedding reception photos!


The wedding reception is the part of the day where we say “let’s get this party started“!

Weddings these days are certainly more of a big celebration with a marriage thrown in somewhere in the middle of it all.

While most couples are still throwing in the speeches, cake cutting and bridal waltz, they are certainly done in a very relaxed casual manner.

As a wedding photographer, you see everything from cocktail style receptions to the sit-down dinner reception, and even lunchtime receptions.

The type of reception venues varies greatly as well. From your traditional wedding venues to alternative wedding venues in warehouses, restaurants and trendy cafes. Stunning country homesteads as well as setting up a marquee on a property.

However you decide to celebrate your wedding festivities, make sure you it speaks to your style and have fun!

Most wedding receptions stick to a similar timeframe due to how long it takes the kitchen to turn around food and wait-staff to clear plates. Generally the timeline might look something like this:

5.45 – 6.00pm – Photographer photographs the reception room details before the guests enter the room.

6.00pm – Guests Enter/Seated

6.30pm – Bridal Party & Newlyweds Introduced

6.45pm – Entrees Served

7.00pm – Speeches – Father of the Groom & Father of the Bride

Tip: During the speeches is a great time for me to photograph candid reactions, generally the speaker is saying something funny or having you tear up, so you don’t want people eating throughout the speeches.

7.30pm – Main Meal Served

8.00pm – Speeches – Matron/Maid of Honour, Best Man, Bride & Groom

8.30pm – Cake Cutting

8.45pm – Bridal Waltz, followed by Father/Daughter Dance and Mother/Son Dance, then Bridal Party and Guests join the dancefloor