The start of the wedding day for the groom is usually a lot more relaxed than the bride’s start to the day. That would be expected as the groom doesn’t have to sit through hours of hair and makeup.

The morning of the wedding is usually pretty chilled out for the groom and groomsmen, so maybe venture out with the boys for a fun activity, before you need to spruce up for the day ahead. Here are some fun groom preparation ideas for you to consider …

  • head to a local cafe for breakfast or a barbeque breakfast at home
  • for you stylish hipster gentlemen, maybe hitting the barber shop for a  cut-throat shave or beard trim at one of the local barber shops.
  • a quick round of 9-holes on the golf course
  • a game of snooker at the local bar
  • a card game
  • hit the beach for an early morning surf …

Typically the groom and his groomsmen are present during groom preparations, but the groom’s parents, close family members and friends are most welcome.

I typically allow 1 hour for groom preparation photos.

The groom preparation photos generally start with the guys hanging about in their casual clothes having a drink before they get suited up. At this time I will also take photos of the groom’s details. However, there are no rules anymore when it comes to weddings in what you have to do. Maybe the putting on shoes and ties photos aren’t your thing, I would be happy to accommodate your alternative groom preparation photos. If the couple/groom would prefer less traditional, and more casual photos for ‘groom preparation’, such as the boys hanging out having a barbeque breakfast, hanging out at the barbershop or heading to the beach for a surf and so on, please chat with me during your pre-wedding planning session, as I would love to incorporating these elements into your wedding day coverage.

I typically start photographing the groom and groomsmen already dressed in pants and shirts, before putting on their socks, shoes, belts, cufflinks, ties, vests and jackets in a fun candid manner. Then it’s time for the boutonnieres { buttonhole flowers } to be pinned to the lapels of their jackets – if parents are present, this is a good role for mum or dad to play, otherwise the Best Man can be responsible for putting on the groom’s boutonniere. Then the groomsmen can take turns in pinning each others boutonniere. Here is a Youtube tutorial on How to Pin a Boutonniere.

Then it’s time for some portraits. Portraits include:

  • Groom
  • Groom with the Best Man and Groomsmen
  • Groom with the Best Man
  • Groom with each individual Groomsman
  • Groom with the Pageboys (if required)
  • Groom with Mum
  • Groom with Dad
  • Groom with Parents
  • Groom with any other family members present.

Then it’s time to head over to photograph the bride preparations.