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Documenting your family's story through natural photography

Family lifestyle photography is taking family photography and turning it upside down.
We are saying goodbye to awkwardly posed family pictures where you are staring at the camera!
We are saying hello to fun family sessions that capture people in real-life moments.


I love documenting a couple’s love story, but my journey with couple’s doesn’t have to end after the wedding. Through my Life Stories brand, I continue documenting a couple’s growing family and the memories you create with your family.

I offer maternity sessions to start documenting your new baby while they are in your tummy and a great way to connect with dad-to-be, as well as in-home newborn lifestyle sessions and kids photography to update the family photos as they grow.

Life Stories will capture your family in a similar way to our weddings, focusing on candid, documentary photography.

The documentary style for our family sessions keeps the session fun to capture the candid moments between family members. I also provide the mandatory traditional portraits which the grandparents usually prefer. However, most of the session is more catered towards a lifestyle session – in your home, with the ones you love, doing the things you love, in the most natural and authentic way to capture your family as they are.

Lifestyle photography is a little different to documentary. Documentary photography or photojournalism is telling the story of what is happening through pictures with no direction from the photographer. Whereas Lifestyle, the photographer will provide some direction and capture moments with a more artistic approach, but still focusing on documenting the everyday life of a family.

From the 1960s to the mid 1990s, we watched ‘the perfect family’ play out on TV shows and in magazines. Then in the 1990s we started seeing dysfunctional families like The Bundy’s in the TV show Married With Children and it continued with Everybody Loves Raymond, and I could probably go on to list heaps more. But the more we realise that life isn’t perfect and start documenting real-life, the more families and communities will come together and realise we aren’t perfect, but so long as we are doing the best we can – and accept sometimes rooms will be messy!

Without going to deep, basically I just want to capture families having fun together … dirty faces, messy room and all that good stuff.

Whether your child is having a milestone in their life or you just want to update the family photos. The sessions start in your home, this especially helps the kids (and parents) feel more comfortable at first as we are on your turf in familiar surrounds. We can also include any pets too.

Some families baulk at the idea of shooting in the home, because it’s messy or not beautifully styled like their dream home in Vogue Living, Belle or Country Style magazines. Your house doesn’t have to have the expensive furniture and spotless. In fact, exactly as it is, the more authentic the better it tells your family’s story.

Once everyone is comfortable and use to having a stranger with a camera around, we then can move to another location, like the local park, gardens or if you have a nearby beach.

Im still going to add in a few portraits where you are looking at the camera, because those are the photos that the grandparents will want, but for the most part, I will be documenting whats happening with some direction, usually prompts for activities and games to keep the kids involved and interested.

I am a Sydney based photographer available for sessions throughout Sydney. I travel north to Brisbane regularly through the wedding session which is pretty much year round, so if you are any where between Sydney and Brisbane, please get in touch and we can schedule the shoot on my next road trip through.

Sessions are mostly on weekdays, especially in Sydney summer months with daylight savings, we have the most beautiful light in the evening and its not too hot for the kiddies.  Some weekend sessions are available.

Most sessions last 60-90 minutes and include a stack of edited, high resolution digital files ready for printing. Digital photos are delivered via digital download in both print resolution and low resolution for social media.