Indoor Ceremony vs the Outdoor Ceremony :
Churches, Chapels, Community Halls & Warehouses
In The Garden, On The Beach Or In A Country Field


Wedding ceremonies can be in many different places. Indoor ceremonies can be in churches, chapels, community halls and warehouses. Outdoor ceremonies can be in gardens, on the beach or in a country field under a big tree.

Church and chapel weddings tend to cater more towards couples with traditional or religious values. Whereas couples who are not religious or have an alternative laid back approach to getting married, might prefer garden ceremonies, community halls and warehouses for their ceremony.

While indoor ceremony venues such as churches, chapels and community halls offer the advantage of a wet weather backup already in place. Outdoor ceremonies provide a relaxed atmosphere and a backdrop with wide open spaces. Outdoor ceremonies also might mean you need to have a wet weather backup in a different location … or just have umbrellas on hand for the wedding party and guests.

Here in Australia, we are fortunate to have fairly decent weather throughout most of the year, and with a love of the outdoor lifestyle, it makes sense that couples want to celebrate their love in the outdoors surrounded by nature.

This gallery shows a variety of indoor and outdoor ceremony venues, including weddings in churches, chapels, community halls, warehouses, gardens, on the beach, country weddings and more …

Following the ceremony, it’s tradition that the parents congratulate the newlyweds first, followed by the rest of the guests. But lets head over to congratulations for inspiration.