Fun photos with your bridesmaids & groomsmen at a pretty location
followed by relaxed intimate couple portraits


After the formal part of the wedding day, it is time for the bridal party location shoot and bridal portraits. The newlywed couple and bridal party get to let their hair down, grab a glass of champagne and enjoy themselves on the photoshoot.

Prior to the wedding day, I will catch up with the couple in a pre-wedding planning session to chat about location ideas for their wedding photos.

Through that pre-wedding conversation, I get a good idea of what the couple likes ( and dislikes ) and can recommend some great photo locations, as well as taking on board their ideas. Maybe the locations have some meaning to the couple, otherwise it can be to obtain a certain style of photos. For example, if the couple likes city/urban style photos, laneways and brick walls with street art and graffiti can work great. Whereas if the couple likes country style photos, a field of long grass, woodland areas with trees, rustic barns and fences are more suitable. For the bohemian bride, we’d probably head to a more remote beach where there are rocks near the water’s edge to add some beautiful texture to the photos.

The best time of day for your location portraits is late afternoon as the sun in dropping which is generally one hour before sunset and continue shooting through to sunset into dusk. This is when the light is at is best, soft and beautiful, which creates soft pretty romantic photos. Things to consider are whether the location is high up on a mountain or down in a valley or in amongst city buildings, as the lower you are, means the light disappears more quickly, which means it is better to shoot a littler earlier.

The number of locations all depends on how much time we have allocated for the photoshoot. I have worked with as little as 20 minutes to as much as 3 hours. However, I recommend 1.5 hours is sufficient to get a variety of images of both the bridal party and couple without having you away from your wedding guests for too long. As far as number of locations, I generally recommend 1 or 2 different locations, but even better is one location where we can take advantage of different spots within the one location. It takes away the stress of driving through traffic and maximises photo time – I know Id rather more time than sitting in traffic!

Every couple requests natural photos. They don’t want to be posed or create tacky staged photos. Phew cause neither do I – I love capturing honest moments! But to be completely honest, not many people are natural in front of the camera so a little direction is needed. Usually by the time your wedding day comes around, we will know each other well enough where you will feel quite comfortable in my presence. All those ‘natural photos’ you liked in my portfolio, well most of those have been directed to some degree.  Simple directions of where to stand to make the most of the light, some gentle words to create a laugh or tender moment, or suggestions on ways to connect you both such as holding hands, a cuddle or to place hands around her waist or in his pockets. Basically the more relaxed you both are, the more natural you will appear in your photos. Every couple is different and some couples need more direction, while others require less direction – but Im here to help you every step of the way to feel comfortable and have fun.

Once we have the photo locations sorted, at each location I photograph a variety of images – fun candid photos as well as more stylised portraits of the entire bridal party, the bride with her bridesmaids, the groom with his groomsmen, as well as the newlywed couple.

After I have photographed the bridal party, I like to separate the couple from the bridal party for the newlywed portraits. Simply by moving the newlyweds away from the group so they can have some intimate moments together which I document in an unobtrusive way. This gives the couple time alone together to take in the day, where we can achieve the more romantic style photos without the bridal party watching on. During this time, the bridal party can be enjoying some refreshments. Remember to organise a hamper with some yummy treats and beverages, making sure you add some water too.

Following the bridal shoot, it’s time to get the party started. Let’s head over to wedding reception photos for inspiration.