The timeless tradition of throwing confetti over the happy newlyweds has made a big come back in recent years. However, a lot of wedding venues don’t allow confetti, because well let’s face it, it’s messy!

Plus for those venues that are in rural areas or even just attract wildlife onto the property, it’s just plain dangerous for birds and animals if they were to consume traditional types of confetti. And we don’t want to risk harming our beautiful Australian fauna!

But there is a solution – Bio Confetti – a water-soluble, bio-degradable, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly confetti.


Colourful Country Wedding South Coast NSW


Finally an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional wedding confetti

Bio confetti is made of rice paper and perfect for outdoor use. It’s mess-free as it dissolves when it gets wet. Venues can simply hose the ceremony area down following the wedding and it will magically just disappear into thin air, or just let nature take its course.

The bio confetti is also super light weight, meaning it will float around in the air longer than other types of plastic or traditional confetti and even rose petals and especially heavy items like rice.

Bride & grooms, don’t let venues or anyone stop you from having a confetti ceremony exit. This guilt-free, eco-friendly confetti is the solution to fun ceremony exit photos as well as fun bridal party wedding photos.


Confetti Exit Wedding Photo using natural leaves from the forest as the eco-friendly option for confetti


Where do I buy bio-degradable confetti?

The bio confetti can be purchased from Bio Confetti online here in Australia. There is a range of fun colours including Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, White or Multi-Colour.


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