Like what you see?

Tell me something about yourselves and what you plan for your special day. Simply use the form below to get the ball rolling.


Like what you see?

Tell me something about yourselves and what you plan for your special day. Simply use the form below to get the ball rolling.


Tell me about yourselves & your wedding plans

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Where are you based?

I’m based in Western Sydney but travel all over Sydney and the NSW South Coast, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and country NSW. If you are getting married outside of these areas, I’m also available for destination weddings both interstate and overseas, please get in touch to see what we can work out.


Are the images edited?

Yes. All images delivered are edited using my signature style with true-to-life natural colours. This includes adjusting exposure and correct colours to the entire image. Retouching any section of the image is not included.  All images delivered are supplied as colour images along with a selection of b&w edits. Please refer to the extensive FAQs page for a more details.


How many images do we receive?

Around 70-80 images per hour of coverage, but factors such as how many in the bridal party, number of guests and length of coverage can influence that number.


But you shot between 1500-3000 images on the day – why can’t we have them all?

Thats easy! You don’t receive everything captured on your wedding day because many of the shots are duplicates to guarantee I successfully got the shot, best expression, etc. Also the unusable images, such as blinking, out of focus, incorrectly exposed images are removed. I promise every image that deserves to be in your collection, whether its a great technical photo, fun candid picture or a treasured moment, will be delivered, you just don’t get 3+ versions of the same photo.


Why is wedding photography considered expensive?

Wedding photography might seem expensive or that I’m charging a lot for a few hours work, but the reality is, while I spend 8 hours with you on your wedding day, I actually spend around 30 hours on your wedding by the time I backup your images to multiple drives, go through thousands of images and pick out the images to deliver, edit them so they look pretty, then backup the edited images multiple times so I have an archival copy (oh btw I’ve got a backup of all the weddings I’ve photographed since 2010, so should any of my couples lose their USB they aren’t lost forever. Trust me I’ve had couples 5 years later contact me because they’ve lost their USB thinking maybe I still might have a copy – well I can happily tell them YES I DO and crisis averted), prepare a sneak peek gallery and slideshow, provide a USB copy to post you along with some pretty packaging! as well as provide an online gallery of your wedding photo collection which remains active for 2 years. Plus then there is the cost of a full wedding photography camera equipment kit comprising of 2 camera bodies, multiple lenses, flashes and batteries plus backup gear should anything go wrong. The general running  of a business so I can get more awesome couples booking me so I can continue to be a wedding photographer. I have to also pay business expenses like taxes, contribute to my super fund and I don’t get paid when I take holidays. So while I do love my job, it is hard work being your own boss as well as ensuring my financial future, I just want the same rights and to be financially comfortable like any employee.

Also when you see these wedding photographers appearing in the news for not doing the right thing by their couples, in every story I’ve seen, its a case where the photographer was not charging enough for their services, so they had to take on way too many jobs to earn enough money to try to survive (overworked and underpaid ending up in a real pickle financially) and then they couldn’t meet their turnaround times becoming highly stressed. The people that work in the industry do understand wedding budgets but we need to be paid fairly for what we do so we too can retire some day. Sorry it got a little heavy there, but we just can’t continue to be ‘starving artists’.


I love being a wedding photographer and the joy of capturing couples on their special day. I’ve shot everything from intimate elopements to big 300 guest weddings. I love laid-back backyard weddings and weddings in the outdoors under the stars the most, bonus if they are in the country or mountains. If you think we are a good fit, fill out the form above.