Let’s talk about the psychology of colour … and what the colour theme of your wedding might say about you as a couple?

First of all yes, the use of colour can evoke different and powerful emotions. The use of colour to evoke emotion is well documented in the art, graphic and interior design worlds.

For graphic designers, colour plays an important role in a brands identity. Different colour stir different emotions and draws consumers to certain products, and has a huge impact on a brand’s recognition.

For interiors, colours play an integral role in creating a room’s atmosphere. Colours can make us feel happy or sad … they can make us feel energised or relaxed. Depending on what room in the house you are decorating, will determine what kind of mood you want to achieve. For example, in the bedroom you want to create a sanctuary for relaxation, therefore would use more peaceful colours – neutrals and pastel tones – or ‘cool colours‘ as opposed to ‘warm colours‘ that evoke excitement, well unless you want your bedroom to be a space to evoke passion … but that’s a whole other topic of conversation .. haha.

Warm colours like red, orange and yellow often evoke feelings of happiness, passion, energy, inviting and cosy. However, yellow and orange can also slightly irritate the eyes and red can increase a person’s appetite. Think about fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or KFC — most of these places incorporate the colour yellow and red. Why? Because they want people to get hungry and then eat quickly.

Cool colours such as green, blue, and purple are usually calming and soothing but can also express sadness. Purple is often used to help spark creativity as it’s a mixture of blue (calm) and red (intense). If a company’s brand wants to evoke health and beauty, the brand’s colours would incorporate calming colours like green and blue. If you look around your local city, you will find most of your heath and wellbeing businesses using calming greens and blues in their signage, business cards, on their products, wall colours in their offices and even scenes in any artwork or photographs on the walls will have calming colours.

Colours including Red, Yellow and Blue are whats known as Primary colours. With Orange, Purple and Green as Secondary colours – they are secondary colours because they are made up of primary colours ( yellow + red makes orange, red + blue makes purple and blue + yellow makes green). Then there are Tertiary colours – tertiary colours are made up of one primary colour mixed with one of its nearest secondary colours, ending up with a new colour somewhere in between creating different hues, tones and shades for example if we mix primary colour Yellow with secondary colour Orange we get a yellow-orange or if we mixed the primary colour Red with secondary colour Orange we get a red-orange.

Now we have had a quick introduction into colour theory 101, how does this relate to what colour theme you choose for your wedding. Lets look a little bit deeper into the main colours and what emotions they evoke. Understanding colour may help you decide on a colour theme for your wedding that better suits your personality, rather than just choosing your favourite colour … and might even explain why its your favourite colour.

If you would like to read more about the psychology of colour, check out this article on Color Psychology : Does It Affect How You Feel as Verywell Mind talk about How Colors Impact Moods, Feelings, and Behaviors along with brain health and psychology.


Choosing Your Wedding Colour – Colour by Colour

Generally at a wedding we see the use of colour in the florals, bridesmaids dresses, possibly the bride’s shoes, the groom and groomsmen’s suits, ties and even socks. When you are planning your wedding colours, you will be looking for flowers, clothing and styling details in your chosen colour. You don’t have to have the colours matching perfectly, its more pleasing to the eye when there is variations of colours. Its worth considering pastels and lighter/darker shades and various tones too.


GREEN as a secondary colour that belongs to the ‘cool colour’ family and represents freshness, balance and harmony. Green also alludes to wealth and growth. It is the colour that represents positivity. Green would be a good colour choice for your wedding style if you want your big day to represent a your nature-loving and eco-friendly personality along with evoking fresh, organic, earthy, calming and positive vibes. Consider lighter shades of green (with a bit of yellow) that are a bit more cheerful having warmer tones or blue-greens that are more teal and take on cooler tones. One thing to be wary of with green as your wedding colour, if you are having your wedding in a garden or the country where there already is a lot of green in the natural environment, you might want to use a contrasting colour like white, even Teal or some other colour to break up all the green. I personally am a fan of emerald greens, sage and olive green.

Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Green & Navy Blue Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Green, Ivory & Hydrangea Blue Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends


BLUE as a primary colour that belongs to the ‘cool colour’ family and represents dependability, loyalty and calmness. Blue is a great colour choice if you want a relaxed wedding day that has a calming, tranquil, peaceful and harmonious feel. Blue is a popular colour choice among many brides and grooms because its a classic, timeless and elegant colour for any wedding. Despite the idea that boys where blue, girls where pink, blue is actually a non-gender colour, it can look masculine but it can be a powerful feminine colour at the same time. Consider Navy, Aqua and the popular Tiffany Blue, to lighter shades of blue, pastels and even mixing lighter pale blues and darker blues together.


PURPLE as a secondary colour that can belong to both the ‘cool and warm colour’ families. Representing creativity, royalty, luxury, romance, nostalgia and spirituality. There are many shades to choose from in the purple colour – from lighter shades like lilac and mauve which are softer and more feminine, to darker rich purples for a more romantic mood.


YELLOW as a primary colour that belongs to the ‘warm colour’ family it represents happiness, excitement, warmth, positivity and cheer. Yellow is everything that a wedding is. Within the yellow family we have bright yellow to mustards and pastel yellows like lemon.


ORANGE as a secondary colour harmoniously marrying red and yellow, belonging to the ‘warm colour’ family. Evokes energy and passion from its primary colour with the sunniness and freshness of the yellow. While also maintaining a friendly appeal, yellow is inviting, fun and playful. If Orange is your choice of wedding colour, be mindful Orange is a strong colour and great for splashes of colour and accents here and there, but can almost cause a too-busy effect when used as a dominant colour and overpower the wedding styling. If you are planning on using Orange as an accent colour to your wedding style, you might also like to consider all the orange colours from bright orange, rust colours, tangerine to even peach and gold. Even a citrus theme would be lovely for an outdoor garden wedding with oranges and lemons.


RED as a primary colour that belongs to the ‘warm colour’ family is a dynamic and powerful colour that is known to stimulate appetite, draws attention, a little bit dangerous, while evoking passion, love and strength. We saw bright red as a popular wedding colour throughout the 80s, 90s and 2000s from the bright red bridesmaids dresses and bouquets of red roses. Then red was almost banished from weddings, but in recent years we’ve seen red return to the wedding stage with more sophisticated darker reds and even rusty reds, pulling colours from nature as we see bouquets with Australian natives a popular choice.

Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Red, Ivory, Navy & Green Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Red, Ivory, Navy & Green Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Red, Ivory, Navy & Green Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Red, Ivory, Navy & Green Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Red, Ivory, Navy & Green Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends


PINK is a tertiary colour that belongs to the ‘warm colour’ family and is perceived as feminine, soft and delicate while known to be friendly, lighthearted, compassionate and playful colour. Bright, vibrant and bold shades of pink like Watermelon and Fuchsia colours carry modern appeal for the guys too.

Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Pink, Ivory & Navy Blue Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Pink, Ivory & Navy Blue Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Pink, Ivory & Navy Blue Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Pink, Ivory, Green & Gold Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends

Choosing Your Wedding Colours - Pink Colour Palette - Wedding Colour Trends


BLACK represents power and elegance, and a colour of authority. Black evokes timeless sophistication, bold and luxury. Yes black is a wedding colour! If your desire is to have a formal elegant wedding then a black & white wedding is the perfect choice.


NEUTRALS It would be un-wedding-like of me not to include Neutrals in the wedding colour options. In 2018 we have seen a lot of neutral colour scheme weddings, even brides are tossing the idea that no-one else can wear white to their wedding in case it upstages the bride, because we all know that no-one can upstage the bride. #whocaresifthebridesmaidsworewhite Brides are choosing to have their bridesmaids also wearing white dresses. I can see this all white wedding trend continuing long into 2019 because the white wedding style is sophisticated and is complimented well by either the greenery of the countryside or architecture of a city wedding. Neutrals represent anything from peace and calm to wholesomeness.  Apart from white, there are many gorgeous neutral colours to choose from – from Off-White, Ivory, Nude, Bone and Taupe to Browns and Tans, and even Gold, Silver and Metallics fit into the neutral colour theme. Neutrals are the epitome of nature which is used abundantly throughout weddings for backgrounds, styling elements and accents. Neutrals also blend with almost every other colour to create a pleasing contrasting effect.


2019 Wedding Colours & Trend Predictions

Over on Magnet Street they have released their Top 2019 Spring Wedding Colour Trend Predictions – go check out their winning colour combinations! They even inspiration for all four seasons – SpringSummer, Autumn & Winter colour trends.

Im personally loving the Harmony, Peachy & Organic colour palettes out of their Spring wedding trends. The soft pink paired with the mint green in the Harmony encapsulates an outdoor Australian Spring wedding for me.  And the Peachy colour palette with coral, peach and rosey-pink mixed with teal and greens has a refreshing tropical feel perfect for those spring-time Queensland weddings. The Organic colour palette’s champagne tones, sage green and greyish-brown is both timeless yet sophisticated and perfect for those couples wanting a minimal natural style for an outdoor boho wedding set in woodlands or a forest. Also for those couples planning an outdoor garden wedding, the colour palette of the Suave is similar to the Organic with its combination of neutrals and greens, but adding in a rusty orange or copper colour paired with navy would suit the country, retro or vintage wedding style.

Choosing Your Wedding Colours - 2019 Wedding Colour Trends - Spring Weddings in Australia

The hot Summer Colour Trends might just have my favourites yet – Vogue, Shine & Rosy! Vogue has a muted neutral colour palette with warmth added through twinkling warm lighting to remind us of golden hour just as the summer sun sets, totally dreamy and sophisticated perfect for the romantic industrial wedding in a warehouse. Shine is all about modern sophistication with sage green and a more subdued summer colour palette, weaving white and a pretty dusty rose with gold and geometric decor elements – perfect for the modern couple’s wedding. And Rosy, well isn’t she rosy .. haha … seriously I love this colour palette! Rosy is a rich and romantic colour palette with shades of mauve, rose, bold jewelled tones, burgundy and peach tones. While elegant and feminine Rosy has metallic grey elements, and with the pops of warm colours, the warm richness and slightly deeper moody tones is a winning combination – a fun Summer colour palette.

Choosing Your Wedding Colours - 2019 Wedding Colour Trends - Summer Weddings in Australia

Because here in Australia we don’t have such severe cold winters like some other countries, both Autumn and Winter are glorious times of the year to get married. The light for photos on an overcast day is diffused and can creates beautiful flattering light and even a moody atmosphere. Even if its sunny, the weather during the days is mild and not too hot.

Now while I said Summer Colour Trends might be my favourite, you are going to fall head over heels with these dreamy, romantic Autumn Colour Trends – Glowing, Smitten & Sparkle. Glowing has a cheerful colour scheme that brings warmth to a chilly Autumn through the coral hues and pop of yellow while the brown keeps the palettes organic feel and suited to an elegant rustic wedding. You are going to be smitten with the colour palette behind Smitten, beautiful moody romantic tones of deep burgundy paired with wine and pink tones and weaving in some tan and champagne neutrals to brighten the otherwise deep colour palette setting the tone for a lavish celebration to feel like your amongst an Autumn forest. Sparkle with its refined and elegant Autumn neutral palette of grey, black and tan with a touch of sparkle oozes sophistication from a romantically rustic to modern minimalist styled wedding.

Choosing Your Wedding Colours - 2019 Wedding Colour Trends - Autumn Weddings in Australia

As we head into Winter Colour Palettes, the conclusion is that I obviously don’t have a preference for which season is better to get married from a styling point of view, because all seasons offer wonderful colour palettes.  This probably means you are going to be choosing which season to get married in based on other reasons, maybe its an anniversary of your first date or when your partner popped the question, or maybe it just makes sense to have it during a holiday period, whatever the reason, the styling for your wedding can be amazing no matter what season you get married.

These Winter Colour Palettes will have you feeling cozy and warm – Cozy, Spice, Crimson, Frozen, Imperial & Joyful. Cozy is a combination of your classic red to bring in the warm feeling, and paired with navy blue, sage green and champagne for an organic natural vibe that will embody the winter wedding look. Spice is made up of rich brownish-burgundy, ivory, neutral brown and eucalyptus shade of green. These outdoorsy colour themes are perfect for more rustic winter weddings. Then we have Crimson, precious jewel tones including shades of teal, gold and ivory to create a striking colour palette as it evokes a sense of nostalgia and leave a warm unforgettable impression with romantic, grandiose undertones.  Frozen is another favourite with classic blue, nature-inspired olive green, ivory and gold. Plus Imperial has a glamorous side with rich teal, gold, eggplant, wine and a blush pink – this pretty combination would suit any wedding style, from contemporary, rustic to bohemian. Joyful is a collection of the traditional winter colours green and red offering something comforting and reminiscent and perfect for a rustic wedding with plaid, fake fur (because we don’t support animal cruelty) and pinecones for a charming cozy festive wedding.

Choosing Your Wedding Colours - 2019 Wedding Colour Trends - Winter Weddings in Australia Choosing Your Wedding Colours - 2019 Wedding Colour Trends - Winter Weddings in Australia

Source of the photos for the colour palettes is Magnet Street


By sharing these colour palettes, I hope to inspire you in the planning of your own wedding. I know I have a few favourite colour themes if I was planning a wedding.  I would love to hear what your favourite is and also if you care to share what you are planning for your own wedding, just leave your comment below.


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