You’re getting married and want to look your absolute best on your wedding day as you face your groom to become husband and wife. Here are some bridal beauty tips for the bride (and bridesmaids) for the 12 months leading up to the wedding day.

The core of any good makeup is good skin and complexion to provide a smooth surface for your foundation. Below are some tips to get your skin looking healthy for the big day.



12 Months before the wedding


Start your home beauty and skin care regime. Choose skin care products that you know and love, and start using them on a daily basis if you don’t already to get your skin use to the products and treatment. Start with a good cleanser and moisturise, and use a moisturiser and/or foundation with SPF sun protection.

Tip: Don’t go to bed wearing your makeup. Cleansing your skin before bed gives your skin a chance to breathe overnight. Also saves your pillows and sheets from makeup stains. 

Product Recommendation : Skincerity – a rejuvenating breathable nightly facial masque, clinically proven to improve the health of your skin by sealing in your own natural moisture to deeply hydrate your skin.  Reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. While Skincerity is a great anti-aging product, it has shown great results in improving skin with these conditions; acne, baby rash, stretch marks and eczema.  Simply roll on before you go to bed, Skincerity takes care of the rest while you sleep, then simply wash off in the morning.

Eat healthy. A good dose of fruit and vegetables daily will help your skin complexion from the inside. Reduce or cut out completely sugar or foods containing sugar.

Drink water. If you are not already at least drinking 2L of water a day, start increasing your daily water intake.

Exercise. Start working out, even if it’s walking daily. Try increasing your heart rate with short bursts of more physical exercise, like adding jogging to your walk, if anything you will feel more energised. But don’t do any excessive changes to your exercise workout as you get closer to the wedding date, as you still want to look like you and fit in your wedding dress.

Tip: Make a date out of your daily walk routine by inviting your partner to join you to catch up on what happened throughout the day.

Tip: Organise a weekly gathering with your bridesmaids to do a zumba, yoga or circuit class, and chat wedding plans.

Get Inspired. It’s never too early to start collecting inspiration of hair styles and makeup ideas you like for the bride and bridesmaids. Create a Pinterest Board with the hairstyles & makeup looks you love. I suggest you make your board ‘secret’ to keep your ideas to yourself, but of course invite your bridesmaids to be apart of the board to share ideas with them. I have a few different boards for inspiration, so feel free to start your collection of pins from any of these: Inspiration for Brides, Inspiration for Bridal Hair, Inspiration for Bridal Shoes, Inspiration for Wedding Flowers, Inspiration for Ceremony Spaces, Inspiration for Wedding Receptions and I haven’t forgotten the grooms, visit the Inspiration for Grooms board.


10 Months before the wedding


It’s time to start looking for your hair stylist and makeup artist, they play a big part in helping you look your best, so the sooner you get your beauty team locked in the better.

As a photographer I know that it can be hard to select a makeup artist going by their website. Firstly, the photographer who supplied the images on the makeup artists website might have way over photoshopped the images and not showing the true makeup, or the photographer might have added some affect to change the colours and so on.  Sadly there are many horrible websites that don’t show a true reflection of the makeup artist behind the website, they are probably very good at their job being a makeup artist but dont necessarily have the skills to design a website, well a good website, so as we don’t always judge a book by the cover, don’t always judge a makeup artist by their website. Hair stylists probably have an easier job in this department.

The best advice I can offer would be to know the styles you like and find both a hair stylist and makeup artist that specialise in that particular style. For example, if you like natural makeup, don’t go picking a makeup artist that does alot of gothic makeup. Ask your wedding photographer for referrals – we do this week in week out so have many contacts in the industry we can recommend that do a quality job. Talk to your family, friends and work colleagues and ask for recommendations.

Both your hair stylist and makeup artists are the best source to provide you with any advice of a beauty regime to start leading up to your wedding after they have seen the condition of your hair and skin.

Work with your chosen hairdresser if you plan on cutting and/or colouring your hair for the wedding day. This is extremely important as you need to plan for the look you want to achieve. Drastic changes in hair style and colour can take time to change if you need to grow it out etc.

Tip: Always have a hair & makeup trial well in advance, so if you aren’t happy, you can have either another trial or at least time to find another hair stylist or makeup artist.

If you are planning on spray tanning for your wedding, I recommend having a trial to see how the spray tan colour comes out on your skin, and check to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction. It is also a good idea to have a makeup trial with your spray tan on to see how the makeup and spray tan look together. While spray tanning has come along way in recent years and we dont tend to see the Oompa-Loompa orange-look these days, bare in mind that you do get tan lines and variation in colour on dry skin areas around elbows, ankles and armpits. It’s not the photographer’s job to edit out horrible tan lines or differences of skin tones due to spray tanning.

If you are considering botox or laser hair removal, it is best to start these treatments early to give your face and body time to adjust and see how your skin reacts to the treatment. It is always best to consult with a specialist in the field of expertise.



8 Months before the wedding


Continue your beauty and skin care regime, but you may want to start or increase your visits to your beauty therapist for a regular facial to ensure your complexion is at its best for your big day. Remember your skin needs time to react to treatments, last minute dashes to implement a skin care regime will most like do nothing, if anything you might have a reaction, and we don’t want that on your big day.

By this time you want to have finalised the looks for your hair and makeup, as well as for your bridesmaids.


4 Months before the wedding


It’s time to put all your ideas for hair & makeup styles into action. It is time for the bride and bridesmaids to have your hair and makeup trials to ensure the looks you have chosen suit you and looks the way you imagined, as well as ensuring both you and your hair stylist and makeup artist is on the same page, because it’s too late on the wedding day to discover you both visioned something different.

At your trial decide:

Hair style – up or down, straight or curls, hair pieces, are you changing style or colour, and so on.

Makeup – airbrushing, eyelash extensions, a natural look or explore if heavier eye makeup actually suits you, and so on.

I work with my brides to create a timeline for the wedding day, so if a hair or makeup disaster happens and something has to be redone or even just making changes, that usually pushes into our photo time.

You may wish to step up your exercise and start those healthy eating habits if you are trying to lose a few extra kilos before the big day.


2 Months before the wedding


Finalise your accessories, ie. hairpieces, nail polish colour etc. Your makeup artist should offer you the option of a bridal touch-up kit with lipstick, lipgloss and powder.

If you are spray tanning for your big day, now is a good time to have a spray tan trial to ensure the colour is what you imagined and ensure your skin doesn’t react to the treatment.

If you are thinking of whitening your teeth, then this would be a good time to have them whitened.

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1 Month before the wedding


At this point, you don’t want to be trying any new beauty products and drastic hair cuts or colours. Besides you want to look like you normally do plus you don’t want to risk having a bad reaction this close to your wedding.

If you are spray tanning, start exfoliating.

This is when most bridesmaids take the bride out for their bridal shower or hens night, so relax, live it up and go have a good time and stop stressing about the wedding.  It’s a great time to get dolled up, so treat yourself to having your hair and makeup done – you could also use this as a second trial, but then have the stylist slightly change it so as to not give away the look for the wedding day.


2 Weeks before the wedding


Visit your hairdresser for your final cut and colour.

Continue with your exercise regime and eating healthy. Avoid crash dieting as this will deplete your energy and likely create mood swings. This time is likely to be stressful already in the lead up to the wedding, so you want it to be a time of calm and not any dramatic changes in your lifestyle or habits.

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1 Week before the wedding


Have your final facial with your beauty therapist. This will avoid any breakouts closer to the wedding day. Then just keep up your daily beauty and skin care regime at home until the wedding day.

Book in for any waxing that you need done before the wedding day.

Book in to have your eyebrows shaped for the last time before the wedding day.

Ensure you are drinking lots of water every day to ensure a beautiful complexion.



2 Days before the wedding


Get your spray tan, making sure you exfoliate before you go.

Have a manicure and pedicure. Us photographers like to take photos of shoes so we want your toes to look all pretty. That especially goes for your finger nails too – whether you are holding hands, signing the marriage certificate, cutting the cake, there are so many situations where your hands and fingers are in photos.

If you are having lash extensions, its a good idea to have them done ahead of the wedding day so you can at least get use to wearing them.

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Night before the wedding


After you have finished freaking out that its the night before the wedding, just kidding, wash your hair to make sure its dry for the morning. Your hair stylist should tell you this important point, as freshly-washed shiny hair is more limp and harder to style. Its better if done the night before and avoid doing extra conditioning or any treatments that could make your hair shiny.

Moisturise your entire body to ensure any spray tanning looks fresh and it helps maintain your tan for longer.

Forget the idea of having one last hoorah the night before wedding – drinking alcohol will dehydrate your body and lack of sleep will make you look tired, and any effort  you have put into your beauty and health regime over the last few months will have been wasted. Instead, eat a healthy meal that is yummy and light. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated.

Get a good night sleep, your big day is almost here.



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