December 2019, Australia was in the middle of its worst bushfire season in history. The NSW South Coast landscape had been burnt, there had been loss of life, homes and wildlife and dread was hanging thick over the Australian people as to what the rest of the summer season could throw at us.

But amongst despair and tragedy, Australian’s are well known for pulling together as a community and supporting one another.

As I was preparing to drive down from Sydney to Yass for Tayla & Matt’s wedding I was keeping a close eye on the bushfires as I was about to drive through one of the areas that had been hit the hardest with the bushfires. The day before I was due to make the drive, the highway had been closed to all traffic. I was starting to look at alternate routes and even that may have been impossible. Thankfully they opened the highway and I was able to make it to my Yass wedding just outside of Canberra.

As I drove through the areas that had been hit with bushfires there was a somber feeling in the air. The air was still thick with smoke. I was happy to make it to Yass, grab a bite to eat and settle into my accommodation for the next couple of nights.

With a new morning a new attitude came over me as I was about to witness (and take photos) of friends getting married.

I actually met Tayla & Matt when they contacted me about a newborn photoshoot with their newly arrived daughter. I will never forget Tayla’s email asking if it was possible to do photos with their daughter AND DOG AND CATS – hell YES!. We instantly hit it off and what started as a client relationship quickly turned into a friendship. I returned to photograph their daughter for her first birthday and not long after Tayla & Matt told me they were planning on getting married …

In true Tayla & Matt style it was a laidback backyard wedding in Canberra surrounded by their loved ones.

Tayla told me the flowers used for her wedding were dried flowers from a friend’s wedding the couple attended on the drive down from Brisbane. This is why I love this duo, repurposing and relationships are way more important to them. The wedding took place in a friend Jemma’s backyard, the celebrant was a long-time family friend and so many people contributed to the day – just the way weddings should be!

The air was smokey with the bushfires burning away in the distance but the backyard of this historic house painted in a shade of pink and burgundy as if we were in a little Tuscan villa. A timber arbour draped in vines, matching bohemian style cane chairs, Persian rugs, with wooden furniture, lounges, dried flowers and cushions scattered about the place.

With the warm sun beating down on us, cold beverages nearby in the vintage caravan bar and shade under the trees (and a sprinkler for the kids to play under which at one point I stood in to cool down), the scene was set to have fun!

Enough chit chat, let’s get to the party …


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