I originally wrote this article on 5 Reasons To Have A Winter Wedding when I was a Brisbane based photographer, but all the information applies for having a winter wedding in Sydney.

The climate in Sydney isn’t that much different to Brisbane. All that is different is the Sydney wedding locations and venues. So read on and just insert Sydney, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle & Hunter Valley where relevant …

While Tourism Queensland made the slogan “Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next” famous in 2011 in their marketing campaign to lure visitors after the Cyclone Yasi floods in North Queensland, the slogan is still thrown around today for pretty good reasons.

In South East Queensland which incorporates Brisbane, Sunshine CoastGold Coast and Toowoomba, we experience fairly mild winters throughout the Autumn and Winter seasons. Making the cooler months the perfect time of year to get married in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Especially for those couples that live in the southern states on the East Coast of Australia where it gets chilly in winter. South East Queensland with its mild winters is the perfect escape for a destination wedding. Even if you are a local to Queensland, consider having a winter wedding versus fighting the hot Queensland summers.

There are so many advantages of having a winter wedding in sunny Queensland besides the mild winter weather. While the average daytime temperature in winter sits around 21 degrees Celcius, you also have the warm winter sun and typically the driest few months of the calendar year.

The best months to benefit from winter weddings in Queensland are May, June, July and August.

However if you are wanting to experience a cooler winter wedding, then further inland like the Toowoomba region, Tamborine Mountain and Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland drops a few degrees compared to the coastline. Gabbinbar Homestead in Toowoomba is the perfect winter Queensland wedding venue, I have even had the experienced of photographing a wedding there with fog during the afternoon which created a magical atmosphere.

Winter Weddings in Toowoomba - Gabbinbar Homestead Toowoomba Wedding Photographer - Deb Boots


Wedding gowns with a few layers of fabric in the skirt will keep you warm, but you could always go with a wedding gown that has long sleeves of lace – oh so pretty! And simply add a cardigan, denim or leather jackets are cool these days, or a faux fur wrap to throw on during the evening. Even follow after my own heart and love of bridal boots!

Winter Wedding Tip 1 : Bride & Groom Wardrobe - Sydney & Brisbane Wedding Photographer - Deb Boots

Grooms typically get warm wearing the long sleeve shirt, jacket and tie anyway, so they will definitely appreciate the cooler temperatures and feel a lot more comfortable. But it could be a good excuse to get your groom kitted out in some fine threads such as a tweed jacket!

Winter Wedding Tip 1 : Groom Wardrobe & Tweed Suit - Sydney & Brisbane Wedding Photographer - Deb Boots

With your colour tones you can go darker and moodier – deep reds and purples, burgundy and greens!

It’s a good excuse to cuddle up to your new husband or wife :)


When you are in a nice warm room, you won’t even notice the cold outside.

Churches and chapels provide a safe haven and protection from the weather should it rain on your big day. Plus there are more and more alternative wedding venues like industrial warehouse spaces popping up around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast for non-traditional weddings.

Winter Wedding Tip 2 : Indoor Wedding Venues - Sydney & Brisbane Wedding Photographer - Deb Boots

Alternative Brisbane wedding venues with indoor options – Lightspace, Mirra, Cloudland, Brisbane Powerhouse, High Church, The Loft West End, Factory 51 …

Sunshine Coast has some great indoor wedding venues too – Tiffany’s at Maleny offers both a garden ceremony setup along with the little white chapel for indoor ceremonies … but there are many Maleny wedding venues that offer both outdoor and indoor options too

In recent years the Gold Coast has some pretty cool wedding spaces – Warehouse No. 5, Justin Lane, Rabbit & Cocoon at Miami Marketta … with new venues popping up all the time but also think outside the square and look at restaurants and cafes!


Even if you are wanting an outdoor wedding, because the of the mild winter weather we experience in Queensland, you can still have your outdoor ceremony on the beach or in a garden. Just make sure you have a wet weather backup plan in place … or you could always just pop up an umbrella or two like Tara & Paul in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens :)

Winter Wedding Tip 3 : Outdoor Wedding Venues - Sydney & Brisbane Wedding Photographer - Deb Boots

Marquees are a great option to having that outdoor wedding with the protection of the indoors nearby.

A few blankets, fire drums or heaters placed around the venue, a fire pit or bonfire will keep you and your guests nice and toasty.


Comfort Food! Those are the first words I think of when I think of winter menus.

Once you are settled inside your cosy wedding venue, some good hearty food and mulled wine will keep you warm and have your forgetting about the weather outside.

Feasting tables are popular in the winter season with many of Brisbane’s finest caterers offering this as an option for their wedding menus. Game meats, antipasto platters, imported cheeses … yum!

Winter Wedding Tip 4 : Scrumptious Winter Menus & Feasting Plates - Sydney & Brisbane Wedding Photographer - Deb Boots Winter Wedding Tip 4 : Scrumptious Winter Menus & Feasting Plates - Sydney & Brisbane Wedding Photographer - Deb Boots


I get excited when I walk in the bride’s room and see unstructured bunches of flowers as wedding bouquets. Cascading foliage growing wild as it were in nature, as you walk into the ceremony space. Winter weddings are the perfect time of year to go wild with foliage and flowers, as the cooler temperatures mean there is less chance of delicate flowers wilting before the guests arrive.

There are many varieties of flowers available during the Autumn and Winter months :

Top Flower choices available for June weddings:

  • Forget Me Nots – dainty blue flowers. And could be that ‘something blue’.
  • Camellia – bearing big petals, with colours ranging from crimson, to blush pinks and corals and crisp white, nestled by rich green foilage.
  • Baby’s Breath – a long time favourite for many brides throughout time. A timeless classic.

Top Flower choices available for July weddings:

  • Tulips – glossy long petals and with a few varieties, and available in many colours, to suit most wedding colour themes.
  • Wattle – an Australian native and the bright yellow colour of the fuzzy golden flowers will truly make the bouquet standout with pride.
  • Other popular July blooms include the Cattleya from the orchid family,

Top Flower choices available for August weddings:

  • Sweet pea – a ruffled paper-like petal has a delicate perfume. A timeless classic for bridal bouquets. Available in white and candy colours.
  • Camellia – bearing big petals, with colours ranging from crimson, to blush pinks and corals and crisp white, nestled by rich green foilage.
  • Other popular August blooms include Cherry Blossom, Hyacinth, Daphne and Star of Bethlehem and for greenery Rosemary.

If you are considering having a winter wedding, here are some great weddings for inspiration!

If you are planning a wedding in the cooler months of autumn and winter,
you will want a wet weather backup plan – read our tips for a wet weather wedding.

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